Give Your Tastebuds a Treat – Chef Jono at V&V’s Incredible & Inventive New Signature Menu is Off-the-Scale Delicious!

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A new menu that’s a trip through a world of fabulous flavour.

Chef Jono at V&V

Yorkshire-born chef Jono Hawthorne is turning heads with his playful, boundary-pushing food. Chef Jono at V&V’s new signature menu just made one of the city’s hottest tables scorching. Book now.

It was already a red-hot dining destination, but the new dishes at Chef Jono at V&V have just taken it to the next level.

One of the most inspiring chefs in the north, Chef Jono Hawthorne has really transformed V&V in recent times – and the newly launched tasting menu has further cemented his reputation. Head up the stairs and you’re promised a frill-free take on fine dining, impeccable service and drinks so good they could have been mixed by the devil. You’ll want to get your gums around these bold new dishes before they disappear – Chef Jono isn’t one to stand still – so get your table booked now!

Prepare yourself for a next-level food experience

You know you’re in safe hands when a chef has a culinary pedigree like Chef Jono. You may have seen him as a finalist on BBC’s Masterchef: The Professionals back in 2020 – earning praise from the likes of Grace Dent and Marcus Wareing along the way – but his cheffing resume is like a checklist of legendary restaurants. He’s spent time in the kitchens of the three-Michelin starred Noma in Copenhagen, acclaimed Aussie restaurant The Quay in Sydney and local legend The Box Tree in Ilkley. He’s bonafide.

Chef Jono at V&V is his first solo venture – lucky Leeds – and it already has a name for food that doesn’t play safe, a well-judged wine list and signature cocktails which also make their way into the drinks pairing packages on offer. Whether you want the tasting menu for a midweek treat – you can book in for that Wednesday to Saturday – or a weekend splurge, you’re in for a knockout. Heck, if you like it that much, you can even hire the restaurant for a private event or party for up to 35 people.

Some of the dishes on the new menu are the kind that foodies dream of. How about a lively take on the Jammie Dodger – seriously, you can’t tell them apart – that is actually a rich, chicken liver mousse dressed with a raspberry vinegar jam, encased in a delicate chestnut sable biscuit. It’s playful, it showcases remarkable technique and it delights but, most important of all, it’s absolutely mouthwatering. There’s a sense of theatre that you can enjoy with tables of up to 10 – unusual for fine dining.

Chef Jono at V&V

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Next up is a delicate but oh-so-deep dish of smoked cheese, paired with the vivacious freshness of peas and a genius bacon dashi, a refreshing and bracing combination. That paves the way for a course that combines the herby anise notes of dill with the heat of horseradish, all in service of a piece of perfectly torched burned mackerel. With oysters in the mix too, it feels luxurious without being heavy – good job, there’s a way to go yet!

A perfectly judged French onion risotto is a dish of gallic greatness, given richness with parmesan cream and brown butter. It’s a display of classic technique that sets the tone for one of the real showstoppers – sea bass with cockles and caviar. With perfectly cooked fish sitting in a head-spinning croissant veloutè that hides meaty porcini mushroom, the flakes of sea bass falling off at the merest suggestion of a fork, it’s a wow.

Proud Yorkshireman Jono draws on local duck for the final savoury course, the accompaniment of beetroot, hazelnut and chocolate making it taste, somehow, of autumn. Then two truly inventive desserts await. First, pineapple and ginger have some wood ants – yes, actual ants – for company, and boy does it work. Then there’s a mushroom tiramisu that breaks so many culinary rules that it has to be sensational. And it is.

Chef Jono at V&V

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If you’re vegan or vegetarian, worry not. Chef Jono at V&V has dedicated menus available for you too. Some dishes adapt ones from the tasting menu, others are wholly unique, such as roast courgette with lychee, peanut and coriander, or a Japanese-inspired dessert of strawberry, yuzu and chocolate. If you opt for the drinks pairing, that one comes with a plum sake that makes perfect sense.

Many fine dining restaurants phone it in when it comes to Sunday lunch, just serving up the basics. But that’s not the case with Chef Jono at V&V. Yep, there’s roast sirloin with Yorkshire pudding and red wine sauce, but there’s also culinary fireworks. After an amuse bouche, dive into a heady bouillabaisse bobbing with scallops, chorizo and octopus. After a pre-dessert, there’s a bold, tropical passion fruit soufflé and, if you have room, well-chosen artisan cheeses. It’s what Sundays were invented for!

Chef Jono at V&V, 68 New Briggate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6NU.

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