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New to Leeds: Amalthea Cafe, Bistro & Deli

· Ali Turner · Food and Drink

It's traditional Greek food done differently – and that's why you have to try Amalthea Cafe, Bistro & Deli.

Amalthea Cafe, Bistro & Deli

One of the latest additions to Adel, Amalthea Cafe, Bistro & Deli gives Greek food a delicious twist.

You might have heard of Amalthea. It started life as an online deli, and one that proved to be incredibly popular, but they wanted a little space of their own, and thus their new cafe-cum-bistro was born. It has the same focus on quality produce as their original deli, and they’re really making the most of their network of award-winning suppliers, but now they’re taking all those fabulous ingredients and mixing them up into classic Greek dishes, with a twist.

Amalthea Cafe, Bistro & Deli

“We bring the highest quality ingredients, imported from award-winning suppliers in Greece, to Leeds,” Managing Director, Ioannis Papatzikakis, told us. “Our approach is Greek authentic with a modern twist. Most of our dishes are completely traditional, but we add a surprise flavour here and there.”

The original team of Ioannis Papatzikakis and Eva Chatzopoulou have now been joined by two new members, Georgia Papatzikaki, and perhaps most importantly, their chef Constantine Tsapanidis. It’s allowed them to turn their original deli concept into a successful eatery that’s as good by day as it is by night. Head over early doors for speciality Greek coffee, served up with a host of tasty treats – think sandwiches, filled with chilli and lime pork sausage or aubergine relish with avocado and halloumi, alongside a delicious spinach and feta cheese pie.

It’s all change later in the day, as they switch to a menu of traditional Greek delicacies, all given a special Amalthea twist. “We wanted to differentiate ourselves from a purely traditional approach and put a few modern ingredients in,” Ioannis explained. “We’ve had great feedback because we don’t make dramatic changes to the dishes – we just enhance specific flavours so it never becomes unfamiliar. I’ve always felt the need to do creative things.”

Amalthea Cafe, Bistro & Deli

As you can imagine, the evening menu is rife with dips and appetisers. You’ve got olives, tzatziki, stuffed vine leaves, houmous and more, with pitta bread to mop it all up – so you could very easily create your own personal platter, but of course, then you’d miss out on the main event. They’ve got all the classics, with stuffed peppers, chicken souvlaki and beef stifado, not to mention Thracian kleftiko.

With so much to choose from, you might have trouble making up your mind, so we went straight to the source, and Ioannis recommended something equally familiar, “Most people have had moussaka before, but they should try ours. It’s similar but at the same time different than what you generally have in Greece. We use a tomato sauce with a particular wine that you can only find in one area of Greece.”

Of course, just because they’re now serving food, doesn’t mean they have stopped selling it to go. So if you love what you eat at Amalthea, you’ll be happy to know that their deli sells all the ingredients, giving you a chance to take them home and cook up a storm yourself.

Amalthea Cafe, Bistro & Deli, 1 The Crescent, Adel, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS16 6AA.