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New to Leeds: Junkyard Golf Club

· Joseph Sheerin · Food and Drink

Here’s the lowdown on Leeds’ new crazy golf and cocktail bar.

Junkyard Golf Club

Junkyard Golf Club has arrived in The Light and it combines crazy golf, creative cocktails and cheesy tunes.

Let’s get one thing straight – Junkyard Golf Club is a world away from the Ryder Cup and your standard seaside crazy golf. This is a barmy venue with three mashed-up 9-hole golf courses made out of reclaimed materials. But that’s not all. It also has a bar where you can sup on creative cocktails and dance to old school tunes. It’s already won over Manchester, London and Oxford – and it’s hoping to do the same in Leeds.

Junkyard Golf Club

Credit: Gary Ozford

It all started back in 2015. Junkyard’s owners went on a trip to America and decided to settle a bar bill full of Pina Coladas with a round of crazy golf. They soon realised that there wasn’t an experience quite like that in the UK, so they raided the sheds and garages of their parents’ houses, looking for any old junk they could use to help them realise their dream – and so, Junkyard Golf Club was born.

“Some of our original courses were made from bits of old train sets and cereal boxes so you can imagine the scenes,” Junkyard’s Georgie Pilling told us. “Amazingly, it took off and our 6-week pop-up was a sell out. It went from there, we tightened our golfin’ strategy and Leeds is now our fourth (and best) site to open! Don’t worry, no crunchy nut leftovers this time.”

Junkyard Golf Club

Credit: Gary Oxford

You have three courses to choose from and they’re all very different. First up is Bozo, their creepy circus themed course where you have to pass a slap-dash version of a ferris wheel, a hall of mirrors and loads of scary clowns. Or you can head to the once-tranquil but now-polluted jungle on the Pablo course, a former idyll which has loads of traps for you to avoid, from the UFC bears to the Rihanna-themed bathroom, pirate speedboats and glitter temples. Finally, there’s Gary, a disco-themed garage course, which is home to a scrapyard slide and UV room, as 90s classics play in the background.

There’s more to Junkyard Golf Club than just crazy golf though. They’ve got four bars dotted around the venue, so you won’t go thirsty while you’re at play. They’ve put together a brand new cocktail menu for Leeds – they’re all party themed and finished with tuck shop treats on the side like party rings and popping candy. Try the Fairway to Heaven, a mix of Wyborowa vodka, Cherry Lambrini, Vimto and lemon. Or go for the Porn in the USA, which brings together Absolut vanilla, passoa, pineapple, passion fruit and cream soda.

Junkyard Golf Club

If you need a bit of inspiration, Georgie has her own top tip for you, “The Hotline Ting, a mix of Wyborowa vodka, bubblegum, cranberry, lemon and Ting, is one of our original drinks and everyone loves it.” Alternatively, you can get boozy slush puppies, craft beer, wine or spirits.

There’s food too. The menu is influenced by the snacks you’d be able to tuck into at the fairground. We’re talking hot dishes like nachos and hot dogs, as well as bags of popcorn. But the best bit might be their pick’n’mix station, where you can treat yourself to all kinds of retro sweets as you fill up one of their red cups.

You can enjoy all this in a venue that’s completely bonkers. It’s bright, bold and loud. The soundtrack and decor has a throwback vibe to take you back to the 80s and 90s, while the golf courses are full of trippy lighting to make your round of golf even harder. Reckon you can be the Tiger Woods of crazy golf? Give Junkyard a try.

Junkyard Golf Club, The Light, The Headrow, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 8TL. It’s open from 4pm to 12am Monday to Wednesday, then from 2pm to 12am on Thursdays, 12pm to 1am from Friday to Saturday and 12pm to 10pm on Sundays. It’s £8 per round from Sunday to Thursday and £9.50 from Friday to Saturday.

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