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New to Leeds: The Good Luck Club

· Joseph Sheerin · New & Coming Soon

An intriguing food menu, a varied drinks offering and a cool NYC-inspired venue – introducing The Good Luck Club at Wellington Place.

The Good Luck Club

Our luck’s in – Wellington Place is about to get a brand new bar and restaurant as The Good Luck Club opens its doors this winter.

As one of the city’s biggest office developments, Wellington Place has attracted a host of big names over the past few years – but businesses aren’t just attracted to their office space, which is why we can look forward to checking out a brand new bar and restaurant this November.

The Good Luck Club is opening at 6 Wellington Place, creating a must-visit destination for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s the sister brand of Sociable Folk, the hugely successful coffee shop that sits just across the road, but they’re doing something completely new with this venture – although you can still get an excellent cup of coffee.

Owner Glenn Cooper wants to create a space that welcomes you in, taking his experience from the cafe and turning it into something a little bit different, “We know the customer down there, we know the companies, we know what people are looking for. Basically it’s got to be a place that they feel comfortable going for breakfast, for a meeting, any point of the day really, whether that be for lunch, dinner or for an after-work drink. That’s what we’re trying to create and that’s what works for Sociable Folk. I think this is going to be the same, except it’s going to be more covers and more capability in terms of the array of food, because it’s got an on-site kitchen.”

That last point is key in understanding how The Good Luck Club has come about. Sociable Folk have to prepare their offering in a different facility everyday before bringing it to the venue, limiting what they can offer to customers. That’s something they won’t have to worry about with this new venture, with over 3,000 square foot of space to make the most of.

It’s allowed them to get more hands-on with the venue, swapping minimalistic design features for something more creative. It’s interesting aesthetically, but also somewhere people want to come and stay for more than just a drink. There will be leather booths for big groups to huddle into, and large sharing tables, as well as areas that feel a little more private. One of the standout features will be a statement wall with over 200 ceiling medallions on it, with lights embedded in – but that’s just the start.

They’ve taken inspiration from the Big Apple, complementing the fixtures and fittings with a design that people will love, as Glenn told us, “It’s a mix of vintage and luxury and it’s got a bit of a New York feel. It’s got a parquet floor and heavily patterned floor tiles, studded leather seats and booths, tall stools, glass lights. I wanted to give it that New York kind of feel, or we’ve certainly brought in elements of that. Sociable Folk is really minimalistic and it’s all metal, grey and white. This has far more colour, pattern and texture. The lighting is a really important part of it, we’ve got really warm lighting, and different types like pendant lights.”

Once you’ve peeled your eyes away from the striking decor, it’s the food and drink that will define your experience of The Good Luck Club. They’ve concocted an intriguing menu that gives you all the power, as Glenn emphasised, “One of the things we’ve found really works is giving the customer flexibility with the menu rather than just giving them 10, 15 or 20 things on a menu and that’s what it is. If you give them room to choose what they want; so they can make it healthy if they want, light, or more substantial even. And allowing choice in what comes off the grill, the type of meal you’re going to have, what sides you’re going to have, what you’re going to dress it with; all these things create far bigger choice.”

That’s certainly the case at the Wellington Place venue. You’ve got a selection of burgers, for just £5, from the TGLC Beef Burger to Flattened Chargrilled Chicken and Piri Piri Chicken, which you can then top with fiery salsa, cool guacamole, cheese or pickles. They also have a range of big bowl salads, are also £5, and you can pick from the likes of sun-dried tomato couscous with leaves or sweet potato salad with puy lentils and oven roasted carrot. It’s not just the salad you’re in control of though, it’s also the dressing – think amalfi lemon, mango and basil, roasted red pepper or ranch.

Then they have the ‘From the Grill’ section, with plates starting at £3 and rising to £6. Keep it simple with butterfly chicken fillet, flat iron steak and salmon or be adventurous with beer and honey BBQ chicken, Indonesian steak and chicken ‘nduja. You’ll likely want to a side or two to go alongside the meat, and they have plenty to choose from, whether it’s sweet potato fries, quinoa salad, a chargrilled veggie bowl or a fired flatbread with spicy salsa or guacamole.

The choice is also evident in the bar offering. There’s a full draught bar on, including beers like Grolsch, Peroni and Estrella, while wine fans can choose from a handpicked selection of vino from all across the world. The drinks offering is by no means secondary to the food, and that’s something they’ve worked hard to perfect at The Good Luck Club, “It’s not going to be an afterthought, it’s going to be a key, integral part of what we’re doing here. It’s going back to reinforcing that idea of it being a place for food or drink all day, it’s not just a place to come for food, it’s a meeting place really. It’ll have food and drink, including alcohol, available all day.”

If it’s a working lunch and you stay off the plonk, they have, of course, got quality coffee on-hand. They’re going to be picking different suppliers to that they’re working with at Sociable Folk and they’ve sourced top of the range equipment, the best baristas and fancy crockery to serve it in, emphasising The Good Luck Club as a venue for all times of day and for all kinds of uses.

The Good Luck Club will only be open from Monday to Friday, from 8am until 11pm each day, which is another sign that they’re catering cleverly to their local environment. Add into that the interactive and intriguing food menu, the varied drinks offering and the welcoming venue, and their luck could very well be in. Why not pay them a visit and let us know what you think?

The Good Luck Club, 6 Wellington Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4AP.