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Steak, Wine and All Things Fine, Gaucho’s Bring Your Own Bottle Mondays Are a Must for Meat-Heads

· Ruth Hargreaves · Food and Drink

Finally, a reason to look forward to Mondays!

Gaucho Beef and Bottle

Fancy a night of superb steak and wine, without the colossal bill? It may sound too good to be true, but it’s precisely what meat-masters Gaucho have in store for you every Monday. Find out more…

Decadent dining, without the price tag. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not!

If you love succulent steak, if you’re a bit of a wine connoisseur, if you can’t resist a good deal, head to Gaucho next Monday because the renowned Argentinian steakhouse does Bring Your Own Bottle Mondays! You can pick your favourite plonk, pack it up to go and enjoy it with the best succulent steaks money can buy. This is absolute indulgence, made that little bit more affordable.

Imagine the scene. A table laden with juicy-as-heck steaks, each grilled to tender perfection and washed down with your chosen bottle. There’s nothing finer, right? And whether it’s a cheap-and-cheerful plonk from your local offie or a treasured vintage you’ve been saving for a special occasion, Gaucho will treat it like it’s come from their own cellars. No corkage fees, no faff – they’ll even top up your glass when it gets low.

Gaucho Beef and Bottle

With serious savings on your wine, you’ll have all the more dosh to splash out on those mouth-watering meats. These guys know their steaks inside out, back-to-front and upside down. From melt-in-the-mouth sirloins to the most tender fillets you can find, every single cut is reared, prepared and cooked with an attention to detail that borders on obsession.

Only the finest will do and Gaucho’s steaks come from premium black Angus cattle, raised free-range on Argentinian farms they’ve personally certified. Even the cows themselves eat well, having spent their days grazing on 17 different types of grass from the fertile Pampas provinces of South America. Sound a bit OTT? Sure, but it’s that level of care that makes every morsel, from the neat little rump to the whopping great 1 kilogram t-bone, delectable enough to send your salivary glands into overdrive.

Gaucho Beef and Bottle

When it comes to the cooking, Gaucho have yet another ace up their sleeve – a bespoke, V-bar grill that you won’t find in anywhere else. What makes it so special? This clever piece of kit cooks the beef three different ways, all at the same time – by grill, heat and steam. The result is a seriously tender hunk of meat that doesn’t require a moment’s resting, which is a big bonus, because that means it’ll get to your gob even quicker.

Deciding which meaty marvel you’ll sink your teeth into first is a serious consideration. Will it be the lean-as-you-like rump, a skinny Minnie with only 2% fat? Or perhaps you’ll be suckered in by the scrumptious ribeye? Here, cascading rivers of marbled fat slowly melt as it’s cooked over the grill, infusing the meat with a full-bodied flavour that’s hard to resist.

Gaucho Beef and Bottle

But why choose when you can simply opt for the massive beef board instead? Piled high with cuadril, chorizo, ancho and lomo (that’s rump, sirloin, ribeye and fillet to you and me), it’s the ultimate tasting experience. Grab a selection of sauces and your favourite sides (crispy garlic and soy broccoli if you’re feeling virtuous, indulgent mac and cheese if you’re feeling naughty) and you’ve got one fine feast on your hands.

It’s not just steaks that’ll get your juices flowing. Other mains to tickle your tastebuds include beetroot risotto, marinated rack of lamb and fresh Atlantic cod with a delicious blood orange dressing. And don’t forget to leave room for dessert. That salted dulce de leche cheesecake with toasted marshmallow is crying out for a gobbling.

If your wine supplies end before your appetites do, Gaucho’s own impressive wine list is on hand to fill your glasses back up again. Traditional South American reds rub shoulders with more unusual choices like German Rieslings and Malbecs from Gaucho’s very own Argentine vineyards. Their team know all things steak ’n’ wine, so they’ll have no trouble recommending the perfect sip to pair with your steak. Bottom’s up!