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Tuck into Fiery Tacos and Sup Cooling Cocktails at the City’s Hottest Supper Club

· Emma Cooke · Food and Drink

Think you can handle the heat? Check out this new supper club.

Neon Cactus x The Chilli Shop Supper Club

Neon Cactus and The Chilli Shop are joining forces for a supper club that will blow your socks off.

If you love hot food, get down to Neon Cactus for a brand new supper club experience on Thursday 18th July 2019 – and it’s not for the faint-hearted. The Mexican favourite is creating a one-off menu of tacos that will be paired with specially selected hot sauces from The Chilli Shop and washed down with cocktails designed to soothe your fiery palate.

The idea came about thanks to YouTube sensation First We Feast’s ‘Hot Ones’ series, where celebs tackle scorching hot dishes. The Chilli Shop have been supplying Neon Cactus for years, so the collaboration for a supper club quickly became a no brainer. “Hot sauce exists in almost every culture,” Neon Cactus head chef Harley Ali told us. “I want to show that tacos are the best (and the tastiest!) vehicle to showcase them.”

Neon Cactus x The Chilli Shop

You’ll work your way through five different tacos, each with its own specially-paired chilli sauce, and they will get progressively hotter with every course. But don’t let that fill you with dread, as Neon Cactus’ mixologists are creating special cooling cocktails to take it back down a notch. And Frank Jay, owner of The Chilli Shop, will break down each course as you go, from its origins to its flavour profiles – he sure knows his onions (or chillis).

The tacos will be made with what makes each sauce different. Take the Blueberry Hell, for example. It has a fruity kick from the berries, so the taco will be filled with ingredients and flavours that reflect that, with the likes of lobster, venison and caviar all on the menu throughout the evening. You’ll also get a series of frosty or milk-based cocktails to counteract the almighty heat, like the creamy Cactus Concerto, which teams Mozart white chocolate liqueur with bourbon whiskey, coffee and milk.

Neon Cactus x The Chilli Shop

The cocktails will only do part of the job. The big finale will be the Horchata ice lolly, and boy will you be grateful for it. They’ve taken this classic Mexican drink made with rice, cinnamon and sugar and frozen it. The drink itself is known for its cooling qualities, but Neon have taken it one step further to extinguish any lingering heat.

The chilli sauces will be available to buy on the night, so you can take a piece of Neon Cactus x The Chilli Shop memorabilia home with you. And this is only the start, because they have more supper clubs lined up for the future. But don’t hang about to get your table at the Hot Sauce Supper Club, it’s the hottest ticket in town.

Neon Cactus x The Chilli Shop’s Hot Sauce Supper Club takes place at Neon Cactus on Thursday 18th July 2019. Tickets are on sale now.