11 Fun Ways to Get Fit in Leeds

· Darcie Hewitt-Dudding · Health & Fitness

Make fitness fun again!

The Climbing Lab, Leeds

Learn a new skill, make friends and get your blood pumping with these more unusual ways to get fit.

Tired of the treadmill? Bored of the bench press? Fed up with free weights? Exercise doesn’t have to be dull! You can get fit and have a good time with these fitness activities in Leeds. From strengthening your core on a dancer’s pole to feeling the burn on a trampoline, you’ll be too busy having fun to even notice you’re working out. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself booked in before everyone else!

Get sweaty with hot yoga

Bikram Yoga Leeds

The Hot Room specialises in hot yoga, which helps you get flexible faster as well as detoxing your body. It’s intense, but it’s fun. Grab your lightest yoga gear, work your way through the 26 yoga poses and sweat it out in a climate-controlled room cranked up to 40 degrees. Sound too hot to handle? Don’t worry, the humidity is kept low at 40% and the room is well ventilated so the heat won’t feel unbearable. Prices for membership start at £60 a month, with single-class bookings available for £25. Get sweating!

The Hot Room, The Core, Level 2, The Headrow, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6JD.

Work out in a club-like setting


Get fit in a fitness studio that looks more like a club than a gym. At TRIB3, the lights are turned down low, the music is pumping and the people are there to have a good time. You even get a drink at the end of it (albeit a smoothie designed to make the most of your exercise). The workout is high intensity, with three parts. First, get your heart racing on the treadmill, then feel the burn with resistance training on the floor, and finally, straddle an air bike for a full body workout. Memberships start from £49 per month and individual sessions cost £15.

TRIB3, 68-72 Wellington Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2EE.

Try your hand at canoeing

Leeds Canoe Club gets you out in nature, making friends and getting fit – what could be better than that? They’re a super-active group, with loads going on every week. If you’re new to kayaking and canoeing, book one of their introductory pool sessions to get you feeling confident with the basics. Then it’s on to the twice-weekly river sessions on the River Aire. Once your paddling skills are up to par, the world is your oyster with weekly trips and weekends away. Adult membership is £35 for the year and the introductory course is £20.

Leeds Canoe Club, Kirkstall Training Ground, Bridge Rd, Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS5 3BW.

Hip-hop ’til you drop

Classic hip-hop tunes never fail to get you grooving? Then this might be the best way to exercise yet. Raise your heart rate, increase your coordination and relieve stress with hip-hop dance classes. It’s super fun and stress-relieving. You’ll soon be popping and locking, rocking and breakdancing your way to the peak of fitness. The Dance Studio Leeds offers a wide range of classes, including sessions where you’re encouraged to wear your sneakers and sweats to get in the hip-hop mood. It’s just £6 per class or £70 for a package of 12.

The Dance Studio Leeds, Mill 6, First Floor Mabgate Mills, Macaulay St, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 7SW.

Have a go at indoor bouldering

Climbing Lab

Climbing is a great workout, burning calories at a similar rate to a spin class and working every major muscle group in your body. And it doesn’t just have physical benefits, it’s a really fun activity to do on your own or with company, especially at The Climbing Lab. An open, sociable space, it’s got lots of facilities, including slab, overhang and vertical walls as well as a unique top-out boulder. There’s also a beginners’ section for newbies and kids. It’s £11 per session for adults or £44 per month for unlimited climbing.

The Climbing Lab, Units 12, 14 & 15, Kirkstall Industrial Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2AZ.

Improve flexibility on a pole

Aerial Empire Pole Fitness

Get your booty shorts on and grab a pole because you’re going pole dancing. No longer just for exotic dancers, it’s become a popular way to keep fit for lots of people in Leeds. It’s a full-body workout, toning muscles and improving flexibility, but after a while you’ll be more focused on getting the moves right than what dress size you are. Aerial Empire has lots of different classes, from ‘fitness’ to ‘sexy’ as well as flying aerial pole, which moves around as you’re suspended from the ceiling! Classes are only £11.50 each or £76 for eight.

Aerial Empire, Unit 16, Curtis House Business Centre, Berking Avenue, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 9LF.

Become a ninja warrior

Were you one of those people who’d shout at the TV during ‘Ninja Warrior’ because you thought you could do better? Well, here’s your chance to prove your mettle. Leeds is home to the largest Ninja Warrior-inspired course in the UK, and it’s a thorough full-body workout. Your heart will really start pumping as you climb, jump and swing your way through the many obstacles. On top of the fixed features, there’s also an inflatable course to have a go at too. An hour session is just £12 or it’s £16.50 for two.

Ninja Warrior, Temple House, Ramshead Approach, Seacroft, Leeds, LS14 1NH.

Learn the art of parkour

Level Up Academy

Also known as free-running, parkour is a way of travelling that uses obstacles to improve your efficiency. It’s a thrilling sport, but there aren’t many places to learn the skills. Level Up Academy puts on courses for children and adults, where you can learn to run, jump and climb safely. They have a 3,000 square-foot fully modular parkour park, a 25.4 metre-wide sprung floor and a foam pit so you can practice your new-found skills to your heart’s content. Adult classes take place once a week and cost £40 for a month’s worth of sessions.

Level Up Academy, Unit 4, Lockwood Court, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 5TY.

Take a hike in the countryside

Roseberry Topping, Yorkshire, England

Leeds has the most glorious countryside surrounding it, so why not make the most of it? Take a Hike is a friendly group of 20 to 40-somethings that schedule and lead regular walks throughout Yorkshire. There’s one almost every weekend, with shorter hikes on weekday evenings. You could be traversing the Temple Newsam Circular one week and the Harrogate Ringway the next. They also organise socials, so it’s a great way to make friends as well as get fit and enjoy the vistas of God’s Own County.

Take a Hike, details of walks available on their website.

Get a full body workout on a trampoline

Trampolining is such a fun activity and, it turns out, it’s quite a good workout too! Burn calories, improve muscle tone and increase stamina, all while having a great time jumping up and down. Because there’s no hard ground beneath you, exercise like this has a lower impact on your joints than something like running. Gravity has specific fitness classes that run twice a week for just £5 per person in a special locked-off area. They offer High-Intensity Interval Training to really get you feeling energised.

Gravity, Cardigan Fields Leisure Park, Kirkstall Rd, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2DG.

Strengthen your core in the air

Leeds Aerial Arts

Credit: Leeds Aerial Arts

Aerial hoop is a full body workout, building strength in your arms and upper body, as well as your core. It’ll help you become more flexible and co-ordinated too – bonus! Use the hoop to move through different static poses and rolls, as well as mounting and dismounting. Leeds Aerial Arts Studio is the perfect place to get started, as their classes are full of supportive people to help you nail the roll you’ve been working on. Enrol on the fundamentals course, then move onto the weekly classes and you’ll be flying in no time! It costs £15 per session.

Leeds Aerial Arts Studio, Unit 5, Cardigan Trading Estate, Lennox Road, Kirkstall, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS4 2BL.