The Debit Card That Helps You Track & Offset Your Carbon Emissions (Made By A Leeds Startup, No Less)

· Andrew Porter-Emery · Lifestyle

Make a change that helps you spend more wisely.

Tred Card

Tred is a new kind of debit card that helps you fight climate change by planting trees, offering you ways to offset your carbon footprint and tracking the climate impact of your spending. Find out more.

A new way of spending ethically has arrived, and it was created in Leeds.

Working out your impact on climate change is difficult, especially when it comes to day-to-day spending. But Tred is a card that does all that for you – and a whole lot more. It’s a Leeds startup that already has a 35,000-strong community, with more people signing up every day. Why? Because it calculates your carbon footprint, gives you ways to offset your impact and ensures your money is never used to fund fossil fuels. Plus, your everyday spending will help to fund tree planting projects. Here’s how it works and why you need one.

A card that helps you to help the planet

Tred Card Staff

Tred is a card with built-in carbon footprint tracking. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your shopping, it can help you make realistic lifestyle changes. Tred calculates the carbon output of everything you buy, whether that’s a coffee on the way to work, a trip abroad or the groceries you grabbed on the way home – all in real time. Rather than generalisations, it’s personalised to your spending, letting you measure your own impact. That makes it so much more than just another card in your pocket – and a genuinely greener alternative to most major banks.

The Tred app is your gateway to ethical spending

Tred App

While you get a real card to use in shops and online, it’s the Tred app – available on both iOS and Android – that is the hub for all the insight into your spending. It will give you breakdowns of the CO2 created by the things you buy, broken down into spending categories to make it easier for you to identify problem areas and take action. You’ll be able to track your carbon footprint by the month and compare yourself to UK averages, with plenty more in-depth detail at your fingertips.

Tap into helpful tips to slash your carbon footprint

Tred Card

Tred isn’t designed to scare you with stark statistics on how much carbon your flight to Prague has generated, but instead helps you to make informed decisions and explore alternatives. It provides eco tips and insights and will recommend switches to make your shopping more sustainable. They’ve also partnered with a handpicked collection of eco brands to give you exclusive discounts to help you further refine your shopping with environmentally savvy retailers. Heck, there are even articles about climate change and more to keep you informed.

You can offset all your emissions – and do some good

Tred App

Tred doesn’t just measure your carbon footprint, it gives you ways to offset it as well. They offer different plans tailored to your carbon output, so you can choose whether to help reforest the Amazon, build offshore wind farms or lock away carbon with net-negative building materials. You can choose to offset your exact footprint, or go above and beyond to become a climate positive shopper. They’ll even give you updates on the projects you’ve helped, making you feel more connected to the good deeds you’re supporting.

It helps in small ways too

Tred Team Planting Trees

It’s not all about grand projects, however, because Tred also helps with small everyday wins. The card, for example, is made from recycled plastic – and they even offset the delivery of it. Still think a physical card is wasteful? You’ll soon be able to use a virtual card. Plus, with Tred, you can help fund tree planting with every tap, without affecting the price you pay. They support projects including Yorkshire’s Wild Ingleborough and Eden reforestation schemes across the globe that prioritise high-quality planting and enhancing biodiversity.

It’s delightfully easy to use

Tred Card

While Tred is chock-full of features you don’t get from a normal card, that doesn’t mean it isn’t one. Tred have partnered with Mastercard, so that you can use your card in shops and online like you would your normal bank card. The Tred app also makes managing your card a doddle – you can do quick top-ups, freeze your card, get pin reminders and set up instant notifications so you’re on top of your money all the time. All from an independent, ethical company that was founded right here in Leeds.

There are loads more features in the pipeline

Tred Card

The Tred card is so cutting edge that it’s still in beta, so while it’s incredibly secure, there are loads of new features in the pipeline. By the end of the year, you’ll be able to transfer money to your mates and link to your other accounts to the app to get the full picture of your carbon footprint. Plus, they’re increasing the ways you can pay. That means adding biometric payment authentication, as well as the app being biometrical secure and the ability to use Google and Apple Pay. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg because they’ve got big plans.

It’s cost-of-living conscious too


One final benefit of using the Tred card and app is that adopting a carbon-conscious approach also helps you to have a cost-conscious approach. Because the app encourages you to keep an eye on the environmental impact of your spending, that means you’re taking a closer look at your expenditure full stop, helping you to adopt good financial habits. You can also set your own limits by transferring your ‘spending money’ onto your Tred card. Having a dedicated card is ideal for budgeting.

Want a card that helps you save the planet every time you spend? Download Tred now.