Leeds-List: The Best & Most Insightful Guide to Leeds

Five of the Best: Leeds Bands You've Not Heard... Yet-AUTOBAHN-web

It can be easy to miss the local bands, with such a wealth of national and international talent pouring into the city weekly, the hidden gems Leeds has to offer can easily be missed.

But, then again, should you know the right venues to seek out – such as Brudenell Social Club, Oporto and Belgrave Music Hall – don’t be surprised to find your new favourite band just waiting to be discovered.

White Royal

This chilling Leeds trio have the musical power to cool the hottest summer nights. Debut track ‘Embassy’ was slowly filtered through the city’s music scene with a cinematic confidence, defiantly restrained, and oozing with its mournful refrain,”been knocked back down, don’t let it go, turning my back now”. It’s Akin to Foals’ ‘Spanish Sahara’ in that it never kicks in – not that White Royal need it to – and follow up ‘False Window’ only inspires more confidence in a bright future.

White Royal play The Wardrobe on Friday 18th July 2014. Tickets are available now.


There must be something particularly fuzzy in the Leeds water. Following in the esteemed footsteps of Leodis brothers Eagulls are Autobahn, but with something of a more virile, sinister edge – if that’s at all possible. Their debut release, EP 1, sold out in a heartbeat, and their motorik bass-driven, post-punk joy, embellished with Craig Johnson’s sonorous howl means that it won’t be the last of their wares to disappear into the ears and hearts of the masses.

Autobahn play Brudenell Social Club on Thursday 10th July 2014. Tickets are available now.


There are a few artists who can stop you in your tracks with just a guitar and a voice – yet there’s not many who have the genuine warmth that Joseph Lyons owns. ‘Drawing Demons’ is chock full of aching wonder, ‘Timber’ reaches the strained notes that few can attest to since the late Jeff Buckley, yet it’s ‘Little Rock’ shows more than a snippet of promise – with Eaves, Leeds may just possess a singer-songwriter who everyone else will want a piece of soon.

Eaves is at Beacons Festival between Thursday 8th and Sunday 10th August 2014. Tickets are available now.


Alex Turner might have a lot to answer for with his heavy use of lacquer on his coiffured boffin, but let that not take away from the stripped back rock’n’roll of Leeds’ Carnabells. There seems to be an abandon of cheery indie pop bands, but so many do it without grace, charm or talent – three qualities that these five lads have in buckets. Boundaries aren’t being pushed, and there seems to be a clever formula at work, but with jangly ditties such as ‘Call the Sunshine’, it’s hard not to see them rising to the top.

Carnabells play The Wardrobe on Friday 11th July 2014. Tickets are available now.

Zealous Doxy

How much damage can you do with a banjo and a voice? The stunning, soaring roar of Sami Graystone on ‘Finistere’ is frankly captivating, whilst Rose Love provides a virtuoso lesson on the banjo. The raw, acid psych folkery of Zealous Doxy is utterly beguiling and their début self-titled EP – seek out ‘Katie Cruel’ and ‘Doxy’ alongside the aforesaid – should be grabbed before they become as rare as a month of Sundays.

Zealous Doxy’s EP is out now and available at Jumbo Records.