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Fried Chicken, Rum Punch and 90s Bangers – UK Garage Brunch is Going to Be Off the Chain

· Joseph Sheerin · Music

UK Garage Brunch is coming to Leeds. Is it is it wicked? Absolutely.

UK Garage Brunch

Get your gun fingers in the air as UK Garage Brunch to takes over Canal Mills for a day of tunes, food and booze.

UK Garage Brunch is not your usual luxurious affair – no chance. It’s a rowdy daytime party that brings together mountains of fried chicken, buckets of rum punch and oodles of classic tunes. Even better, it’s coming to Leeds for a much-anticipated shindig at Canal Mills.

The day will be hosted by some of the biggest names in garage, Artful Dodger, Aurie Styla, DJ Cartier and MC Bad Boy Brown. The fun kicks off at 12pm and the tunes will already be spinning, but it’s not time to dance yet – first, you’ll feast.

UK Garage Brunch

Credit: Vision Seven

The banqueting tables will be piled high with free-range fried chicken wings and thighs – and you can eat as much as you like for 90 minutes. Don’t worry, they’ve got veggie options too. You’ll also get dessert, as they’ll be serving trays of home-cooked doughnuts and sweet like chocolate brownies. You can wash it all down with rum punch or brandy & coke, both of which are also bottomless.

But while that’s all good, it’s after the food that the real fun begins. Fancy yourself as a garage icon? You can get up and belt out your rhymes on the UK Garage Karaoke. You’ll also be able to take part in dance-offs and rap battles – or you can have a go at the garage-themed prize draws, with a little bit of luck you’ll get some swag to take home. Following that, there will be a fully choreographed stage show, as well as plenty of surprises throughout the day.

UK Garage Brunch

Credit: Vision Seven

One more thing – you might need to scour the back of your wardrobe because there’s a dress code and it’s absolutely obligatory. Re-rewind to the heady days of the 90s UK garage scene for the finest Moschino, Versace, Iceberg, Morgan and Gucci gear you can find.

Brunch has never been so cool, so get ready to feast on chicken, sip on punch and party to tunes you’ve not heard since 1999 – UK Garage Brunch is the place to be.

UK Garage Brunch comes to Canal Mills on Saturday 28th April 2018. Tickets are £30.