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Take a Deep-Dive Into Data Analytics, AI & Explainability at This Free Virtual Event

· Ali Turner · Opinion

Find out how Covéa is tackling fraud and improving claims efficiency.

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The next Talk Digital meet up, hosted by Covea Digital, will feature Georgios Kapetanvasileiou from SAS. He’ll be talking to Covéa's data scientists about explainability, advanced modelling and the challenges of enterprise data science. Register now.

Covéa and SAS have joined forces to give you an insight into the complex world of data analytics…

Enterprise data analytics goes beyond big data. It’s a holistic approach that maximises the value of every interaction and engagement, bringing it all together to create actionable insights that transform business processes. In short, it’s a game-changer – and it’s the next big topic of conversation at Covéa Talk Digital. This free virtual event will tackle advanced modelling, explainability and the challenges of working at scale.

Unlock the power of data

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Covéa is at the forefront of innovation in an industry that’s ripe for disruption. In 2019, they embarked on a major project of digital transformation, and soon after, they launched Covéa Talk Digital to share their experiences with the wider community. Their next event, which takes place at 5:30pm on Thursday 29th July 2021, is designed to help you unlock the value of your data.

Covéa’s top data scientists, Tom Clay and Ashley Piper, will be joined by Georgios Kapetanvasileiou from SAS. With 40+ years of analytics experience, SAS builds solutions that transform data into intelligence. Their software is used by 82,000 businesses around the world, including 91 of the top 100 Fortune 500® companies, so they know a thing or two about data.

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Together, they’ll dig into the opportunities and challenges of enterprise data science. Working at scale, in a highly regulated industry, is very different from an academic concept in a small business. You need to build trust through explainability and create a culture that embraces AI-driven workflows, only then can you turn raw data into intellectual property assets.

Tom and Ashley will discuss the work they’ve been doing to improve the efficiency of their claims process and protect Covea against fraud, which is as much about ethics as it is about technology. And Georgios will cast the net even wider by showing you how data analytics and AI are being used to solve business problems across all sectors and verticals, because fraud detection is just one of the applications.

This is a rare opportunity to take a deep dive into the near-limitless possibilities of data analytics, and although they’ll discuss technical concepts, you won’t have to be an AI expert or even a techie to understand it. So if you’re AI curious, if you want to unlock the power of data and overcome the challenges it presents, register now and join the conversation.

Register now – hurry, limited places

Usually, Covéa Talk Digital events take place in Halifax, with pizza and beer all round, but right now they’re virtual. It’s still totally free, but places are limited – register now and you’ll be sent an exclusive link to the event, which will be held on Microsoft Teams at 5:30pm on Thursday 29th July 2021. See you there!