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This Could Well Be the Best Tech Company to Work for in Leeds

· Ali Turner · Opinion

If you work in tech, this is the place to be.

Sky Leeds Dock

Sky is recruiting! This is your chance to join an exciting, fast-paced company where your voice is heard, your ideas are welcomed and your work is seen by millions of people. Find your next role...

Exciting work, oodles of opportunities and the chance to drive real innovation – that’s what awaits at Sky.

The technology arm of Sky, the team that makes the short-form content you love on your phone, your desktop and now also your Sky Q Box, is based in Leeds. It’s here that they produce some of the most amazing, cutting edge products in the industry. From experimenting with AR, VR and VoD to working at scale with the latest cloud technology and using machine learning to take personalisation to the next level, this is one of the most exciting places to work in Leeds – and they’re recruiting now!

The platforms driving Sky’s success are built in Leeds

Sky Leeds Dock

With 24 million customers in seven countries, Sky is one the biggest names in broadcasting, but they’ve long since evolved beyond TV. Now, they’re a multi-channel entertainment brand with a suite of websites and apps that help customers find content whenever and wherever they want. The Digital Platforms Team is responsible for the ‘whenever and wherever’.

Based in Leeds, they create the platforms, capabilities and products for all Sky’s territories. They strive to be the best in every market and domain they work in, something that’s only possible if you build top-quality engineered products. So if you want to work with high levels of automation, observability and cloud technology, if you want to build super-resilient, self-healing, territory agnostic products and deal with every complication and technology under the sun, this is the place for you.

They’re invested in technology, so the work is incredibly exciting

Sky Leeds Dock

At Sky, they’re always looking for ways to make the customer experience easier, quicker and more personal. That means they have to innovate, they have to invest in new technologies and build new products that will genuinely improve the customer experience. This is Sky, so they have the money and the flexibility to do it. They’re growing year-on-year, in fact, they expect to hire 50 new people into their Leeds Dock team this year alone.

This is a company that likes to builds its products from scratch. They’re constantly looking at the technology funnel, at very early new technologies, to see how they can use them – and they’re not afraid to experiment, even if that sometimes means getting it wrong. As a result, you can work on some seriously cool stuff. Want to build a new online video platform using the latest VoD technology? They’re on it. Fancy developing a game-changing sports data system from the ground up? It’s already in the works. And because their teams are empowered to drive change, you can help shape the future of their digital products.

Innovation is at the core of everything they do

Sky Leeds Dock

At Sky, you’re encouraged to be bold and take risks. It’s all about iteration – try it, test it, try it again. If it doesn’t work, no problem, but if it does, it could be a game-changer – just like their latest innovation. They’ve turned their Sky Q Box into a one-stop for entertainment. From Sky News and Sky Sports to Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube, it has all the content you love, all in one place, easy. Every day, it’s becoming more personalised, so if you’re a Leeds fan, you’ll have instant-access to every picture, documentary and short-form video of your team.

Their ‘give it a go’ attitude makes every day interesting. It challenges you, it develops you professionally and it fills you with a sense of pride because you’re creating world-leading platforms used by millions of people. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Their joined-up thinking means you can deliver products faster

Sky Leeds Dock

One of the most exciting things about Sky is the way it’s structured. Product and Tech are inextricably linked. They have the same priorities, objectives and funding models. That joined-up vertical thinking means they can be more agile. There’s less friction, fewer obstacles and the tech teams are involved right from the start, so you can lead the process and turnaround innovative new products fast.

In fact, they created Sky Sports Fanzone Beta in just 4 weeks. Designed to tap into one of lockdown’s biggest trends, it brought people together to watch the match with a mix of video conferencing, live polls and audience participation. And that’s just one example, so if you want to work on cutting-edge products and see them rolled out to millions of people at pace, there’s no better place to be.

Whatever happens, you’ll be well looked after

Joanne Reavell, Sky

Sky recognise that they can’t do amazing work without amazing people, so they’ve built a hugely diverse team and created an environment where they can thrive. It’s a fun, fast-paced and challenging environment where expectations are high, but they want you to enjoy it and they take your wellbeing seriously. From private healthcare and subsidised gym membership to their team of mental health first aiders, they go the extra mile to keep you happy and healthy.

Their response to the pandemic tells you a lot about their priorities. The first order that came from on high was ‘look after your people’ – and they did. They shipped out office chairs, desks and monitors to make working from home more comfortable, offered parenting days to help staff cope with homeschooling and put new measures in place to make people feel less isolated.

They’ll empower you to chase your dreams

Sky Leeds Dock

The great thing about Sky is that you can take your career wherever you want it to go. There are so many opportunities to learn and develop here. From peer-to-peer mentorship to subscription services like O’Reilly’s Safari® Books Online, they have all the resources you need – and that’s on top of a healthy training budget, controlled by the teams themselves, that’s used for conferences, courses and more.

But it’s more than that because Sky supports your choices. Everyone, regardless of age, gender or race, is encouraged to chase their dreams, whether that’s trying a new technology, bringing an idea to life or moving into a leadership position. And they recognise that if you want to get the best people, you have to make time for them. So while it may be fun and fast-paced, while you may be turning around innovative products at record speed, you’ll still have two hours a week reserved for self-directed personal development. The result? No matter how long you’re here (and people tend to stick around), you’ll always have the opportunity to grow and develop.

Want to join the team?

Sky is recruiting now! From DevOps engineers to mobile app developers, project managers to solutions architects, find your next role and get your applications in.