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This Is The Ultimate Full Fibre Broadband Service For Gaming, Streaming & Remote Working

· Ali Turner · Opinion

Fast, reliable and coming to a home near you.

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Quickfire offers full fibre, symmetrical broadband with guaranteed speeds of up to 900mbps. Wait, it gets better, because it has a super-low ping, no caps and no lag. Find out if it's available in your area...

If you’ve ever been frustrated by buffering movies, slow downloads and laggy video calls, you’re going to like Quickfire.

Quickline has earned a reputation for solving complex connectivity problems. Their unique fibre and 5G network reaches into the most rural locations, bringing fast, reliable broadband to people who need it, and now they’ve joined forces with CityFibre to bring gigafast symmetrical broadband to Leeds. Quickfire will offer speeds of up to 900mbps for both uploads and downloads, with no caps, no lag and no throttle.

This is fast, reliable full-fibre broadband

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Broadband isn’t new. Nor is full fibre. But Quickfire is. It just launched in Leeds and it’s aimed at people like us, people who want to have their cake and eat it, or if you’d prefer, people who want to stream a 4K movie and play the latest Grand Theft Auto. To do that, you need speed, you need reliability, you need full fibre broadband that goes straight to your house.

Not all fibre providers do. With some, you still have copper cables from the box to your house. Think of it like a queue – the more people in front of you, or in this case, the more houses between you and the box, the longer you have to wait. Waiting means buffering. Waiting means lag. Waiting means frozen video calls, failed uploads and slow, laborious downloads. Waiting sucks. If you’re playing a game, waiting can be the difference between life and death.

But with Quickfire, the fibre runs all the way to your house. You’re plugged straight into the network, so you don’t have to wait for anybody. You’re first in line, always, which means you’re guaranteed up to 900mbps speeds, whether you’re uploading or downloading. The result? You can get a high definition film in less than a minute and download the latest 100-gigabyte video games in 11 minutes. Hell, you can even FaceTime while you do it!

Low ping, symmetrical broadband with no caps & no throttling

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Buzzword bingo baby, but you’re going to want a bit of this action. You see, Quickfire is low ping. In fact, it’s really low – their ping rate is less than 10 milliseconds. That’s how long it takes for you to send a packet of data from your computer to another and receive it back again. In the gaming world, anything between 50 milliseconds and 100 milliseconds is considered pretty good, so 10 milliseconds? That’s gold standard.

And here’s why it’s important. The average male reaction time is 25 milliseconds, but when you’re playing a game, you’re only as good as your connection, so you have to add the ping on top. If you have a high ping rate, let’s say 100 milliseconds, your reaction time could be five times longer than usual. And if your opponent has a low ping, in a game like Call of Duty, they could beat you, even if you press the button first.

It’s not just the ping rate though. This is symmetrical broadband. You can upload as fast as you can download, in this case, at up to 900 megabits per second. That is insanely fast – whether you’re streaming a 4K movie, having a Zoom meeting or uploading your latest prank to TikTok. And it’s always fast. There’s no cap, no throttling at peak times when everyone signs onto Netflix and no lag when the entire neighbourhood logs in for a day of remote working. It’s so fast, in fact, that you might not even need 900 megabits, which is why they offer 250 and 500 megabits packages too.

How’d ya get it?

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CityFibre is rolling out its full fibre network across Leeds. It’s already available in parts of Beeston, Middleton Park, Holbeck, Pudsey, Bramley, Stanningley and Hunslet. If you live in any of those areas, you can probably already get Quickfire, and if you don’t, you won’t have long to wait, because the network will soon be expanded to cover the whole city. To find out if Quickfire is available in your area, use their handy postcode checker – you can even get updates on when it’s coming to your area.