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How to Festival at Holbeck Underground Ballroom

Learn how to cook a mean veggie curry and dabble in a little theatre with the How To Festival at Holbeck Underground Ballroom this July.

How To Festival gives you the chance to try something completely different over a weekend of free workshops at Holbeck Underground Ballroom, throwing you in the middle of puppet theatre and cooking classes with Manjit’s Kitchen.

Manjit’s Kitchen actually kick things off at HUB on Saturday 26th July 2014, where you’ll learn enough of their secrets to make your own Indian veggie dishes and curries. Given your own ingredients and equipment, you’ll create a light lunch that should take your through the rest of the How To Festival.

How to Festival at Holbeck Underground Ballroom

After that, Yorkshire’s very own Paloma Faith, aka Ruby Macintosh, will host a workshop on Finding Your Voice, sharing her singing and songwriting skills to help you prepare for a live performance at Holbeck Underground Ballroom on the second day of the festival. Don’t worry if you can’t hold a tune to save your life, that’s the point.

Sunday 27th July 2014 is when the real meat of the How To Festival comes into play. A day of live performance and yet more treats from Manjit’s Kitchen gets under way with Temple Theatre’s two hour workshop. Using team games and improvisation, you’ll be able to experience theatre in an entirely different way.

Temple Theatre will also be in attendance, offering a unique glimpse into the theatre, with a two hour workshop complete with games to keep everyone as thoroughly entertained as they would be if they were catching a show in the theatre.

Odd Doll Productions will take you through their How To Make Your Own Puppet Workshop. And once complete, your puppet will get a chance to take part in the Annual Animal Beauty Contest with Wendy the Walrus and Terry the Tree Frog, amongst others. We’re backing our very own creation, Andy the Armadillo, he’s got a sort of hidden beauty underneath that hard exterior that we’re hoping the judges at Holbeck Underground Ballroom will appreciate.

Once Andy has aced the beauty contest, you’ll once again be treated to the veggie delights of Manjit’s Kitchen for a well deserved lunch break during How To Festival. Whilst you enjoy your lunch, entertainment comes from Ruby Macintosh and her protégés from the day before.

Bringing the weekend to a close is Norsesome, an ambitious production from the guys at Temple Theatre, packing every major story from Norse mythology into an evening that includes talking snakes, Vikings and a good dose of cross dressing.

Holbeck Underground Ballroom is a versatile venue that’s been begging for something like the How To Festival. You’re bound to learn something over the weekend, giving you skills that will play a part in your every day life. That last claim might sound strange – but be sure to remember this weekend when you find yourself humming 50s music whilst cooking a veggie curry next to your collection of finger puppets.

How To Festival is at Holbeck Underground Ballroom on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July 2014. Free entry.