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Friends of Ham

· Food and Drink · 4 New Station Street, Leeds, LS1 5DL

Friends of Ham Leeds

“You’ve got a friend in me…” Every time I sneak myself into the little door on New Station Street I can’t help but have this little ditty swirl around my head. And it’s not because there is a Randy Newman lookalike on the bar or because it is a Toy Story themed bar.

It’s because there are few things more satisfying than some eminent meats and cheeses to be followed by one of Leeds’ best selections of real ale you could come across. And that is Friends of Ham most definitely summed up in thirty words.

It’s not just what you can buy that’s impressive though – the staff know their framboise from their pêche and their chorizo from their salami, always handy if you’re still blessed with a real ale or charcuterie innocence – and the atmosphere is quite unique.

Friends of Ham Meat and Cheese Board

Credit: Ollievision

It’s deceptively small on the face of things, and those of you who haven’t been in for a while, will be surprised at the size of it, now that they’ve taken over the unit next door, giving more space upstairs – enough to add a new bar and deli that’s become the centre piece – and rightly so.

This is where the magic of Friends of Ham lies – you are experiencing modern extravagance in a down to earth atmosphere. If you want to know what will happen the next time you and your friends are in Leeds and wobble down to ‘Ham… well, look what happened to us.

Images courtesy of Ollievision.