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· Food and Drink · 1-4 The Cube, Albion Street, Leeds LS2 8ER

Maluko Albion Street Leeds

Inspired by the Thai bars that sit along some of the most stunning beaches and coastlines in the world, Maluko bar is attempting to bring some of the exotic Thai beach style to the centre of Leeds.

The Beach is the main bar area, and serves as the central component of Maluko. Alongside this beach style area, you’ll find the Tiki Lounge, which serves as a private cocktail area and is even known to host the occasional cocktail masterclass.

The last component that comprises Maluko is The Cabin, which is where the true style of the interior design comes to play. The VIP style areas are decked out as if they were Thai beach huts, complete with mock windows that look out over the coast.

Maluko is first and foremost a nightclub, but the strong theme that’s clearly apparent here does set it apart from the crowd a tad. You might not find anyone over the age of 30 in here, but it’s a popular haunt with the social young’uns, and very much caters for that crowd.