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Sunny Bank Mills Art Space

· Culture · 83-85 Town Street, Farsley, Pudsey, LS28 5UJ

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Sunny Bank Mills is a rentable property/art space just inside Pudsey. They have garnered a reputation in recent years for hosting some truly fantastic exhibitions of local and popular Leeds artists in its own private art space alongside its daily business as a property space.

The very idea that a corporate place like Sunny Bank Mills – that operates primarily as a business – has a committed space inside its walls for art is extremely encouraging to people who believed that art spaces in Leeds were dying out across the city.

Sunny Bank Mills’ art space in Leeds truly feels like a community and has the distinction of being a go-to place for all in the local area. It’s been constructed from an old cloth warehouse, so there’s plenty of natural light from the windows that give the artwork inside the best kind of exposure and lighting, as the artist no doubt intended.

There’s plenty of exhibitions and artwork to choose from whenever you visit Sunny Bank Mills and their involvement with other local activities, such as festivals and summer fairs reinforce the idea that this is much more than a corporate exhibition and somewhere that deserves a spot amongst Leeds’ best galleries.