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The Decanter

· Food and Drink · 17 Park Row, LS1 5JQ

New to Leeds: The Decanter Wine Bar

The newest wine bar on the block, The Decanter is turning heads with its extensive menu, stunning service and beautiful décor.

With a huge range of wine from around the world, including vintage reserves as well as those from independent vineyards, The Decanter are place right in the centre of Park Row, perfect for some after work tipple or a ‘lunch meeting’.

Owner Alex Temprell doesn’t just do wine though, as his cocktails, coffee and bar food are sure to make your trip to The Decanter more than memorable. The staff will help you choose a drink from their extensive range, so you’re sure to find a favourite in no time.

But don’t let the fancy wines fool you into thinking you have to wear a suit and tie to even approach the door, as the décor is intimate yet contemporary. But, we do suggest that you try and get there early enough snag the leather sofas or a booth.

Unless we beat you to it, in which case, you’ll just have to settle for leaning against the bar, like a chump.