How Citu Makes City Centre Living Sustainable & Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy

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Grab yourself a prime spot in this pioneering development.

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The Climate Innovation District is a sustainable community that combines slick design with modern living. Stunning views, carbon neutral living and a real sense of belonging await. Find out more…

The acclaimed Climate Innovation District in Leeds has created a new community perfect for city centre living.

Citu’s Climate Innovation District is one of the most ecologically sound developments in the country. They’ve built a sustainable community, right in the heart of Leeds, and you can be a part of it – in fact, there’s never been a better time to buy a home here. They’ve just released a new wave of properties of all different types. Stunning apartments, gorgeous 3 and 4-bed townhouses, riverside spots and layouts to suit your lifestyle are all available. 

All kinds of homes are up for grabs

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The Climate Innovation District has changed the face of housing in Leeds forever. This is sustainable living in sleek homes that don’t just boast a great location but also a unique community vibe. Even better, these aren’t ‘one size fits all’ homes. They’re currently launching a range of properties called Central Place that run from cool apartments to three and four-bed townhouses, all ideal for different kinds of people and which will bring the whole district together. In other words, act quick, because they’ve got just the place for you.

This is the first time they’ve had such a broad range of properties available. Included in Landing Place are stunning riverside townhouses that boast the same clean lines and green credentials as the rest of the development, but have their own unique feel. We’re talking three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a reception room that would work perfectly as a home office. These quirkily ‘upside down’ homes have an open-plan living area on the second floor, complete with Juliet balcony for sweet river views.

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Need more space and want the joy of your own roof terrace? Choose from Central Place’s array of four-bed townhouses with cool open-plan living and dining areas on the ground floor, bedrooms and bathrooms across floors two and three – including an ensuite – and a magnificent roof terrace all of your own at the top. It’s the ideal al fresco space for entertaining, dining and soaking up the stellar views of Leeds. The terrace also blurs the boundaries between inside and out, further enhanced by the natural light flooding the interior.

Aire Lofts provide an array of spectacular one and two-bedroom apartments for urban living that take a different approach to the rest of the District. Instead of the Scandi-inspired designs, here you’ll enjoy a modern industrial aesthetic, courtesy of exposed steel pipes and concrete floors. They retain the sense of space and light, whether you’re looking at a duplex apartment or prefer to live over one floor. With seven apartment layouts being released, your dream home is sure to be here somewhere.

And that’s not all. If you’re quick, you can secure one of their coveted end houses, which, with more windows, more light and more of those glorious views, get snapped up fast. An end-of-row townhouse, for example, has the same floorpan as the others, but benefits from an extra Juliet balcony to the first floor, as well as additional side windows, enhancing the views and light. Among the lofts, a trio of apartments at the western end have wonderful triple aspects, with windows on three sides letting natural light stream in.

It mixes sustainability with style

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The Climate Innovation District has sustainability baked into the whole development from the bottom up. It’s achieved with a combination of smart technology, pared-back, clever Scandinavian design and a forward-thinking approach. These innovative homes are completely unique in Leeds, combining state-of-the-art eco-credentials with drop dead gorgeous modern aesthetics. They’re homes for living in, first and foremost, but they’re also homes that do no harm.

A key component of this is the Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System (MVHR) built into each house. This whizz-bang piece of tech pumps stale air out of your house, replaces it with fresh air from outside but (and here’s the science bit) it transfers over 90% of the heat it carries in the process. So you get clean air with minimal heat loss. Suffer from allergies? The fresh air won’t just be warm, it’ll be filtered for the likes of pollen too. Healthy living without the high heating bills? Ideal.

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This is also thanks to the design – they exceed UK building regulations standards for air-tightness by a factor of 10. Built in the factory on-site, they use timber frames that reduce the carbon footprint of building materials – no intensively produced materials here – and capture carbon too. High insulation and triple-glazed windows slash heat transfer yet further, while even something as simple as south-facing windows makes the most of free energy from the sun.

All of this means your next home can be run from 100% renewable energy. In other words, you can live a truly carbon-neutral life here, with solar panels providing yet more green energy to the district – they even power the electric car-charging stations. If you’re keen on spearheading the charge towards zero-carbon cities, there really is no better place to live. It won’t cramp your style either, as resident Kris Holland explained, “it doesn’t feel like sustainability with any kind of sacrifice to it. It’s liveable.”

You can even choose to live car-free. Here you have safe, pedestrianised streets, and it also means your perfect views won’t be spoiled by cars. Your proximity to the centre of the city, plus the verdant walkways and riverside paths, mean strolling to work is a joy. Need a car for a trip to the countryside? You can borrow one from the electric car club. And if you prefer to get on your bike, there’s free cycle storage too.

A real community close to the city centre

Citu Central Place

Choice, design, sustainability – they’re a big part of why you might move to the Climate Innovation District – but there’s another key component. Move here and you’re getting something completely unique in Leeds – suburban living in the city centre, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You’re in your own bubble, with like-minded neighbours, but you’re just moments from the restaurants, offices and shops of the city centre. You’ll be part of a thriving local community, and the layout of the District helps with that.

There are loads of communal spaces and lush gardens perfect for both socialising and quiet contemplation. Stroll with neighbours in the sculpted riverside spaces and grow your own vegetables in the community gardens – you’ll find a sense of belonging here that’s completely absent in most city centre living. “The community aspect is really good. We’ve made some really, really close friends, and there are a lot of people who have similar beliefs to us, who share our ethos,” resident Jessica Brennan explained.

River at Climate Innovation District

And you’ll get a say in how the future of the Climate Innovation District is shaped too. When you move in, you don’t just become a resident, you become a stakeholder. A non-profit Community Interest Company has been established to help to steer the place you live – and every home gets a vote. It helps organise things like utilities, building insurance and even sells excess solar energy to the national grid. Your voice is truly heard here.

A place where friendships are forged, greenery, gardens, a minimal eco-footprint, design to lift your life – that sounds like enough, right? But there’s more on the way. While you can walk into the city and avail yourself of everything there, community staples such as an on-site pub and school are also in the pipeline. A co-working space is arriving soon too. Add this to regular events such as the Piglove Brewery pop-up that delighted residents all last summer, and you’ve got a blueprint for living.