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11 Free Online Workouts to Keep You Happy & Healthy Through the Lockdown

· Emma Cooke · Style

Keep your body moving with these online workouts.

Home workout

The gym may be off-limits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active because there are a whole host of free online workouts at your finger tips.

There are more exercise videos online than you can shake a stick at, so you can still work up a proper sweat without leaving the house. You won’t need any equipment either – simply find a space, stick on a video of your choice and get to work. Choose something slow and steady like pilates or go all out with high intensity interval training, the choice is yours.

The Body Coach TV

Cheeky chappy Joe Wicks has revolutionised the fitness world with his action-packed HIIT workouts and you can try them for free on YouTube. You’ll do short bursts of intense exercise with rest breaks between – expect star jumps, squats and lunges to be your new go-to exercises. He’s making exercising accessible to everyone, so you’ll also find chair workouts for seniors and kid-friendly PE lessons on his channel.

Check out his videos here…

Yoga With Adriene

If you want to stay active while relaxing your mind, body and soul, Yoga With Adriene is the perfect choice. You can target your core and upper body or work up a sweat with her ‘Yoga for Weight Loss’ series. Never done yoga before? Why not try one of her 30-day programmes to ease into it? Her channel is just as good for your mental health, with sessions designed to reduce anxiety and even combat loneliness.

Check out her videos here…


Whatever you enjoy doing, POPSUGAR Fitness has something for you. From kickboxing to barre workouts, personal trainer Anna Renderer has collaborated with fitness experts from all over the world to create over 500 free workout videos. With so many options, many of which are completely equipment free, you can try something different every day – and if you like one particular style, their playlist will make getting your next fitness fix easy.

Check out their videos here…

Les Mills

Les Mills teams high-intensity workouts with pumping club music to help you keep your fitness up to scratch. The former track and field athlete will put you through your paces with martial arts-inspired routines, choreographed dance workouts and yoga-influenced exercises, all to a soundtrack that will keep you moving throughout. They’re not for the faint-hearted, but they’re some of the best free online workouts if you want a serious calorie blitz.

Check out her videos here…

Boho Beautiful

Husband and wife duo Mark and Juliana Spicoluk film most of their pilates and yoga workouts on beaches around the world, making them an exotic alternative to your usual online exercise videos. Each session will help you improve your flexibility, as you also strengthen and tone your body. To help you stick to a routine, they’ve created a 14-day pilates challenge, which links out to a range of free workout videos on their YouTube channel.

Check out their videos here…


Maddie Lymburner uploads new home workout videos almost every day, so you’ll always have new content to work through. A combination of cardio and strength training, her circuits are simple yet effective and often last just 10 minutes, making them a time-effective option if you’re a busy bee. To keep things interesting, a lot of her workouts are filmed in real time to popular chart hits so you can work up a sweat to the likes of Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran or Post Malone.

Check out her videos here…

Fraser Wilson

Fraser Wilson is your go-to guy for building muscle while staying lean. Unlike most workout videos in this area, you can do them from home using virtually no equipment. He’ll give you tips on how to isolate certain muscles, so you can tailor your workouts depending on your fitness goals. Abdominal workouts are his forte and they’re ideal if you want to strengthen your core. Throw in tried and tested nutritional advice and you’re all set.

Check out his videos here…

Sleek Technique

You can train like a proper ballet dancer thanks to Sleek Technique. Dance duo Flik Marr and Victoria Swan have uploaded a medley of barre exercise videos and you can find them all online. Their classic barre workouts will help you tone your body with moves like pliés and tendus, but if you want to get your body moving, check out their Cardio Ballet playlist – it fuses traditional ballet techniques with fat-burning exercises to help you burn more calories.

Check out their videos here…

Fitness Blender

You can find over 600 free fitness videos on Fitness Blender’s YouTube channel. It’s run by Daniel and Kelli Segars, two fitness fanatics with a down-to-earth style. They give clear explanations during their workouts, so it’s a great option for beginners looking to use the right form, whether you’re targeting your abs, glutes or arms. To top it off, many of their routines have low impact alternatives for each exercise, making them accessible to everyone.

Check out their videos here…


SELF is a health and style magazine with a whole host of free online workouts on YouTube. To make your life easier, they’ve streamlined their videos into playlists, most of which are no-equipment home workouts from a range of fitness experts. Their Ready Set Sweat Challenge is made up of eight different workouts that cover everything from strength-building to cardiovascular fitness. Check out their warm-up and cool-down videos to help prevent injury.

Check out their videos here…

Wellington Place Live Workouts

Online fitness classes

Wellington Place is streaming live workouts on Zoom every Tuesday at 12.45pm. They’re run by personal trainer Natalie Ledgard, who alternates between two different workouts, PiYo and HIIT, each week. The former is a combo of pilates, yoga, and cardio designed to sculpt muscle and burn fat in one workout, while the latter is a high-energy, calorie-buster to boost your fitness. Each session is 45 minutes, perfect for getting you up and moving on your lunch break.

Register for the free live workouts here…