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7 Ways Kirkgate Market Can Save You Money on Your Weekly Shop

· Ali Turner · Style

Find out how you can save yourself a small fortune at Kirkgate Market.

Leeds Kirkgate Market

Kirkgate Market is undergoing a multi-million pound refurbishment – but don’t worry, it’s open as usual, so you’ll still find all your favourite traders inside. Find out more...

Kirkgate Market has long been a favourite with shoppers, with its huge selection of fresh food, and they’re all set up to save you money on your weekly shop.

It may be undergoing refurbishments now, but Kirkgate Market is still open for business and doing what it does best – making your weekly shop that little bit more affordable. From steaks at bargain prices to a right good price on your cuppa, you’ll be amazed at the deals you can find in Europe’s largest indoor market.

1. Meaty deals that will save you a bundle

Kirkgate Market Meat

Butcher’s Row is all set up to help you save on your meat, with some cracking deals for you to choose from. Check out Crawshaw’s, where you can pick up a whole host of meaty morsels for £2.50 a pop or 3 for £6, including marinated chicken drumsticks, pork loins and minced beef. And if that doesn’t float your boat, you can bag 2.5 kilogram packs of chicken for £10 or two whole chickens for a fiver. Now you’ve got to admit, that’s a bargain.

2. Cheap cupboard essentials

Leeds Kirkgate Market

It’s not just fresh food that comes at a bargain price in Kirkgate Market, you can also stock up on kitchen cupboard essentials like tinned tomatoes and biscuits, all for an incredibly purse-friendly price. Take Brown’s Sweets for example, they’ve got some cracking deals on your chocolate biscuits, with Chocolate Fingers on 2 for £1 and there’s much more where that came from, with Eskimo Joe’s getting in on the action with Cadbury’s Chocolate Digestives on the same deal.

3. Freshly baked cakes & baps on a budget

Leeds Kirkgate Market

Kirkgate Market is the perfect place to go for an old school bakery experience, with freshly baked cakes, pies, baps and biscuits all waiting within. Check out Firth and Payne – their traditional ovencakes are the stuff of legend, flying off the shelves at just 39p each or 6 for £2. And if that’s not your thing, £1.60 of your hard earned cash will get you three apple pies, three eccles cakes or four raspberry buns – don’t mind if we do.

4. A great deal on your five-a-day

Leeds Kirkgate Market

You’d expect to find a greengrocers or two in the market and indeed you will, each with a slew of tasty deals to help you get your five-a-day without breaking the bank. Neil’s, Tony Banks and Oliver’s will all sort you out – look out for bargains like three avocados, two punnets of blueberries or eight satsumas for a quid – and that’s just the beginning. You can get all the essentials for your latest recipe here, and you’ll be amazed at how little it all costs.

5. Sizzling savings on seafood

Leeds Kirkgate Market

When it comes to seafood, there are few better places to go than Kirkgate Market. As you may have heard, Fish Row has temporarily moved to Butchers Row while their old home undergoes renovation, but all your favourite fishmongers are still open and they’ve got some cracking deals. Take Myers for example, they’ll give you three large sea bream or seabass’ for £10, an extra large mackerel for £1.25 a pop and a 100 grams of extra large king prawns or king scallops for £2.98. And if you nip over to T. E. Bethell, you can bag six live oysters for £5.

6. Posh cuppas on a budget

Leeds Kirkgate Market

If it’s a good cup of tea you’re after, make a beeline for Teapot. Now, don’t expect your standard Yorkshire Tea here, they specialise in speciality brews. So you’ll find a whole host of flowering teas here, perfect for presents, as well as a host of exotic teas, flavoured coffees and organic honeys for those of you with a sweet tooth. Even better, students get a blanket 5% discount – and you can all bag a 10% discount, if you spend £10 or more.

7. Specialist ingredients for a great price

Kirkgate Market

If you’re cooking up something special, whether it’s a Chinese for the whole family or a Polish feast for your new international housemates, you’ll find everything you need in Kirkgate Market. Nip to Tian Tian Chinese Supermarket for everything from sauces to biscuits, with bargains like a huge bag of dried noodle slices for just £1 – or try the Spice Corner, where you can load up on everything from tumeric to paprika, buying only what you need, rather than a whole jar.

Remember, there are loads of stalls in Kirkgate Market, with even more outdoors, and they all offer something a little bit different, for a price that can’t be sniffed at. So if you haven’t been in for a while, now’s the time to remind yourself of all the fantastic bargains that await inside.