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Bet You’ve Never Done a Spin Session Like this Before…

· Ali Turner · Style

A serious workout with a club vibe? You can count us in.

RYDE L1 Peformance

L1 Performance is a unique pay-as-you-go gym that gives you everything you need to reach your goals and make a real difference to your lifestyle. Find out more…

If the idea of spin classes has you imagining gruelling workouts completely lacking fun, it’s time you tried RYDE…

When L1 Performance opened earlier this year, it soon became clear that this was not your average gym – and their take on spin is no different. RYDE, as they call it, is a fast-paced bike workout that sees folk of all ages and abilities come together for a seriously good session. And by that, we mean you’re actually going to enjoy yourself.

So what makes it so different? Well, for a start, you do the class in the dark. No seriously, they turn the lights down and the music up, creating a club-like atmosphere and allowing those of you who are a little more self-conscious about your fitness level to be part of the group, without feeling exposed.

“The class is worked to the beat and the bass of the music and the whole group is able to RYDE as one,” RYDE Instructor, Natalie Legard, told us. “With neon and disco lights it’s the feel of a club, with an eclectic mix of music and moves changed on a weekly basis, and hand weights to help define your core and upper body, as well as your legs.”

That’s one of the greatest benefits of RYDE – it’s a total body workout, so you can tone up without bulking up. It’s a brilliant fat-burner too. Not only will you burn between 400 and 600 calories during the 45 minute class, but it also increases your metabolic rate for days after, so you’ll feel the benefit long after your class.

“RYDE burns calories and improves your cardiovascular fitness – at a time when the media’s obsessed with looks and muscles, it’s important to remember your heart and lungs are muscles too.” Legard told us, “It’s great for the whole body, leaving you with toned legs and bum and it’s great for the abdominals.”

RYDE L1 Peformance

You’ll start to feel the difference from your very first session, but it will take a little longer for you to see it. If you’re doing two classes a week, you’ll notice tightening and toning from week two – and those of you who don’t do much exercise right now could see a real difference, because some of their participants have lost a stone in their first month, with no other lifestyle changes.

And it’s suitable for everyone. This isn’t the kind of class where you need to be fit to begin with, in fact, it’s perfect for beginners, because you can work at a pace you’re comfortable with, but still be part of a group, with the music and the instructor there to motivate you all the way through to the end.

It’s something Legard is keen to emphasise, because while normal spin classes may seem gruelling, RYDE is the exact opposite, “The focus is on the beat and the bass, rather than focusing on resistance so it’s really inclusive and everyone feels like they are working together, those who are new to exercise do not feel left out, and the hardcore gym bunnies can crank up the resistance and work to the max!”

It’s already won them fans, including Michael Afflick from Sky Bet, “Spinning isn’t for me. Tried, trusted, struggled and eventually allowed my inner self to talk my outer self out of it. At L1 it’s different! The intensity is dialled up but it’s all about the beat. If you like music (and let’s face it who doesn’t!) you’ll enjoy RYDE! You keep the pace depending on the track and you turn the resistance on the bike depending on how hard you want to push yourself. No one is forcing you to a pace that’s unmanageable and no one is judging you. Everyone in the class can feel great as you are riding as one, beginners and experts alike, everyone can get to the end of the class and feel equally good!”

Once you’ve finished your class, you can make the most of their showers and changing rooms, which are top notch and come complete with towels and toiletries, so you don’t have to lug it around in your gym bag. You can even nip to their health bar to grab a post-workout protein shake or healthy snack if you’re hungry.

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