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Heads Up, Foodies! This Booze and Sweet-filled Pop-up Will Make All Your Christmas Wishes Come True

· Ruth Hargreaves · Christmas

Boozy gummies, edible fragrances, instant cocktails… you’re in for quite the ride!

Smith & Sinclair

With 120 national and international brands, there’s something for him, her and the kids at Trinity Leeds, so where better to start your Christmas shopping? And when it comes to festive nights out, they’ve got that covered too with experimental cocktails and delicious eats. Plan your visit...

Why should kids have all the fun this festive season? Prepare for alcoholic gummy sweets to enter your life at this Trinity Leeds pop-up.

Calling all adults – are you looking for the perfect excuse to unleash your inner child? Do you want to pick up the most deliciously unusual Christmas gifts? Then make sure you check out the Smith & Sinclair pop-up in Trinity Leeds, because it might just be the tastiest adult playground you’ve ever encountered. We have three words for you – alcoholic cocktail gummies.

Smith & Sinclair

Smith & Sinclair are experts of the edible experience, creating weird and wonderful booze and food fusions like you’ve never had before. If you want to feel like a kid in a candy shop again, swing by their festive pop-up in Trinity Leeds from Friday 2nd November 2018 to the end of December to see how many boozy sweets you can cram in your mouth before the season is through.

Alongside alcoholic cocktail gummies, you can wrap your lips around amazing inventions like edible fragrances and even a grown-up version of Berocca that will transform the way you drink prosecco. Think of it like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, except with booze instead of chocolate. Yes, Christmas wishes really do come true.

It all started back in 2014 when founders Melanie Goldsmith and Emile Bernard organised a dating night in East London. Wary of it feeling a little awkward, they wanted to give it a fun twist, so they put their heads together to make something really special. “We thought, what can we create that would still give people a bit of a buzz, but also be way more fun than just having a drink?” Melanie explained. “And so the alcoholic gummy was born! It went down a storm. When all the daters seemed to love the sweets more than they loved their dates, we knew we were onto something special.”

Smith & Sinclair

Four years later and Smith & Sinclair’s signature alcoholic cocktail gummies are still a knockout. You can try them for yourself at the pop-up’s very own pick’n’mix wall, where there are 10 delectable flavours to choose from (all are vegan) including espresso martini, elderflower spritz, passionfruit mojito and raspberry daiquiri. While you’re there, why not pause stuffing your face to tick off some Christmas shopping? You can handpick your 8 favourite gummies to take them home in your very own bespoke gift box for just £16.

And that’s not all. You can check out their Edible Fragrance range, with flavours inspired by the changing seasons. These bad boys cost £19.99 and are designed to be spritzed over your drink of choice – it’s the fanciest botanical garnish you’ll ever see! “The perfect one at the moment is our autumnal flavour, which is pear and vanilla,” Melanie told us. “It works really well with espresso martinis or even with a black tea or hot toddy. It’s an amazing, rich winter warmer.” Sign us up! They also do cherry blossom and mandarin, which is perfect with a gin and tonic – or you could try the watermelon and citrus with a fruity cosmopolitan.

And if your chosen fragrance smells good enough to eat, then, well, do! Take it home, wear it like a perfume and lick it off whenever the temptation gets too much. You may get a few strange looks, but by jove it tastes good.

Smith & Sinclair

Two weeks after the pop-up arrives, they’ll throw another curveball into the mix, this one enticingly called ‘F.I.Z.Z’. If you like a little bit of theatre with your cocktails, this is just what you need. Akin to a grown-up Berocca, F.I.Z.Z is a delicious little capsule that you can pop into your glass of prosecco to see it transform into a full-blown elderflower or rhubarb spritz cocktail. Pretty neat, eh? Swing by Trinity Leeds for the launch in mid-November when samples will be on offer all day or pick up one to take home for £5.99. It’s great in soft drinks too, so abstainers and designated drivers have no reason to miss out.

Smith & Sinclair firmly champion the power of the multi-sensory experience. “We believe that retail experiences should be really fun,” Melanie explained. “They should be immersive, you should be able to smell and play with stuff. You should have fun as you choose your product because we all know that shopping can be very stressful!” So this is the perfect way to break up your Christmas shopping and pack a fun, quirky experience into your day.

Inquisitive shoppers can find the pop-up through a set of curtains on the Trinity Bridge and enter a space packed with sweets, treats, giant fizz tubes and diffusers at the ‘Scent Bar’ pumping out all sorts of yummy smells. It’s going to be an Instagram overload – and if you nip in for the Kissmas Spectacular on Saturday 3rd November 2018, you can try a series of delectable foodie workshops, as well as sampling their alcoholic cocktail gummies.

Smith & Sinclair’s festive pop-up comes to the Trinity Bridge from Friday 2nd November to Sunday 30th December 2018. It’s open from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm on Saturdays and 12pm to 6pm on Sundays.