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New to Leeds: Love Lagree

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Have you tried The Lagree Method yet? Now’s your chance.

Love Lagree

The Lagree Method is the new way to get fit – and now you can try it out for yourself at Love Lagree.

Love Lagree is a new fitness studio in Leeds city centre, but it’s not like any other you’ll go to. It’s solely dedicated to The Lagree Method, a new fitness craze that has taken Hollywood by storm and won over big names like Meghan Markle, Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Obama. It’s a high intensity, low impact full body workout – and now you can give it a try for yourself thanks to Lorraine Jenkins and Craig Noble.

Love Lagree

They’ve taken over a light, airy studio on Gateway East and kitted it out with specially adapted reformer machines designed by the method’s founder, Sebastian Lagree. Originally a bodybuilder, he then started to teach reformer pilates. But he found it wasn’t hitting all the elements of fitness he needed it to, so he set out to build a better machine that would.

The Megaformer is the result and it’s a massive piece of equipment, made of two stable platforms, a spring-loaded moving carriage and a range of straps, springs and platforms that can be used as and when they’re needed. That all sounds a bit overwhelming, but basically, it allows you to make slow and controlled movements that engage different parts of your body and stimulate fat burning muscle fibres.

There are seven of these trademark machines at Love Lagree, which means you’ll be in a small, hands-on class with plenty of instruction. You’ll workout on the Megaformer for the entire 50-minute session – you’ll start with light exercises as you get used to the equipment and its movements, then gradually increase the difficulty.

Love Lagree

The focus is on slow resistance training, so your workout will be made up of small exercises that change every one to two minutes. You’ll do your usual lunges, squats, push-ups and planks, alongside innovative exercises from Lorraine and Craig. And all the while, the machine will move beneath you, forcing you to focus on your balance and helping you improve your flexibility. And because you’re constantly moving, you’ll boost your endurance levels and see a real difference in your core.

You might not feel the effect straight away, but you definitely will the next morning. It takes a while for the muscles to recover, so this isn’t a daily class, they recommend you go twice a week and you’ll quickly see the difference.

Love Lagree, Unit 3 Gateway West, East Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 8DZ. It’s open from 7am to 8.30pm Monday to Saturday.