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The Best Spa Treatments in Leeds

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Have you tried these must-do spa treatments?

ID Holistics

Need a little pick-me-up? From reflexology to cupping, check out these spa treatments…

A great massage or beauty treatment can do wonders for your body, but there’s far more to Leeds’ spas than just getting a good old-fashioned rub down. Specialist wraps, bespoke balms and relaxing reiki can help to restore balance, improve circulation and improve your mental wellbeing too. So without further ado, let us introduce you to the best spa treatments Leeds has to offer…

1. Rosa Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage with Tiger Balm

Massage, spa

For soothing away aches and releasing tired muscles, there’s nothing better than a deep tissue massage. And this one comes with its very own balm, specially-sourced by the owner herself in Thailand. There are two Rosa Thai Massage parlours right around the corner from one another in Leeds. As the name suggests Thai massage is the speciality here and the tranquil treatment rooms are the perfect space to get your zen on.

Thai massage is traditionally done by gently stretching your body into a variety of yoga-like poses. But they also offer a deep tissue, hot oil spa treatment that truly has Leeds massage-goers dribbling into their pillows. Ultimate relaxation is the goal and the Tiger Balm used on your body blends herbal and aromatic formulas that work wonders in soothing tired muscles and aching bones. It’s a hugely popular product throughout Eastern medicine and combined with the therapists’ ability to get right into the nitty-gritty of your muscle complaints, those cricks and cramps will be eliminated in no time.

Rosa Thai Massage, 164, Kirkstall Hill, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2SX and a second venue at 1 Eden Drive, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2TL. The Deep Tissue with Tiger Balm massage costs between £45-£75 for a treatment lasting 60-120 minutes.

2. Leeds Healing, Reflexology


If you don’t want to dive straight into the deep end of complementary therapies, reflexology is a great place to start. Lucky for you, this Meanwood clinic specialises in it. Sue Haynes has been in the reflexology business for almost 15 years and her magic hands are at the helm at Leeds Healing. The dedicated treatment room is welcoming and Sue takes the time to get to know each of her clients before getting to grips with your feet.

Reflexology is the art of applying pressure in specific places on your feet (and sometimes hands too). It’s relaxing in itself, but it’s far more than just a massage as it uses the pressure points in your feet to release tension throughout the entire body. Whether it’s pain relief, dealing with stress or pure zen you’re after, reflexology can help. The personal approach at Leeds Healing means your wellbeing is the primary focus of each treatment, making it a great choice for some well-deserved me-time.

Leeds Healing, The Old Surgery, 4a Green Road, Meanwood, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 4JP. Your first reflexology session will cost £50 for 65 minutes and subsequent sessions will cost £45 for 50 minutes.

3. Phoenix Health and Wellbeing, Acupuncture

Acupuncture at Phoenix Health and Wellbeing

Has acupuncture pricked your interest in the past? If so, Phoenix Health and Wellbeing is your chance to finally give it a go. This Leeds city centre clinic is chockablock with highly-trained staff and a variety of simply furnished treatment rooms that range from small and intimate to spacious and light-filled. A Leeds spa and clinic that takes its therapies seriously, ‘wellness’ is key here. Every single one of their massages and spa treatments is geared towards making you feel your absolute best.

Acupuncture is no exception and your session begins with a thorough consultation. Are you dealing with migraines? Joint problems? Digestive issues? Acupuncture can be successful at treating a surprising number of physical conditions, but of course you want the right person on the other side of those needles. Fortunately, Giles Watts has been practising acupuncture in Leeds since 1994, so you’re unlikely to find a surer pair of hands. What’s more, Phoenix Health and Wellbeing use the proceeds of their health treatments to help support low-income individuals in Leeds with chronic health issues. Now if that doesn’t make you feel good, nothing will.

Phoenix Health and Wellbeing, Oxford Chambers, Oxford Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 3AX. Acupuncture sessions cost £30 for 50 minutes.

4. Thorpe Park Spa, Ultimate Face and Body Experience

Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa

After a full body indulgence? If all you need is a jolly good pamper, make Thorpe Park Spa your destination. This modern spa on the outskirts of Leeds invites busy city dwellers to leave their stresses behind and take some time out with a sumptuous beauty treatment instead. They have everything you could want here – a heated indoor pool, a jacuzzi, mood lighting, and of course, a tempting array of massages.

Their Ultimate Face and Body Experience is the cream of the crop. Caudelie products are used throughout as your therapist combines a whole bunch of fool-proof favourites – you’ll get a facial cleanse, full body exfoliation, body massage and a scalp massage. From top to toe, this spa treatment is designed to melt away tension and it’s as close to an out-of-body experience as you’re likely to find just 15 minutes from Leeds.

Thorpe Park Spa, 1150 Century Way, Thorpe Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS15 8ZB. Ultimate Face and Body Experience treatment costs £114 for 115 minutes.

5. Embrace Holistics, Reiki

Reiki massage

Escape to the countryside and find sanctuary in this holistic centre in the pretty village of North Rigton. Just on the outskirts of Harrogate, it feels a million miles away from bustling Leeds. Rolling hills are your new neighbours, as Embrace Holistics is located in a beautifully converted chapel, and the airy treatment room continues the sense of tranquillity – it’s wonderfully cosy and even boasts a feature fireplace. Body and mind are both taken care of here – body through sumptuous massage or Neal’s Yard beauty treatments, and mind through reiki therapy.

A Japanese technique that offers stress reduction and relaxation, reiki can be enjoyed by anybody who wants to find their inner calm, rather than an elbow in the spine. It’s non-invasive and you’ll remain fully clothed as the therapist lays their hands on specific areas of the body to clear energy blockages. It’s very gentle and leaves you in a state of deep relaxation. If you’re too chilled to head back into Leeds straight after your spa treatment, pop over the road to the Square and Compass for a bite to eat first. Food for the soul and for the stomach.

Embrace Holistics, Chapel Hall, Church Hill, North Rigton, North Yorkshire, LS17 0DJ. Reiki session costs £40 for 60 minutes.

6. Lush Spa, Validation Facial

Facial beauty treatments

You may know Lush cosmetics for its brightly-coloured, handmade products, an unparalleled range of bath bombs, and the fact that it’s nigh on impossible to even squeeze into the shop in the weeks leading up to Christmas. But did you know there’s a full-blown spa in their Leeds store? It’s a world away from the hustle of the shop. Natural woods and a mish-mash of furniture gives the space a quirky vibe that’s accentuated by the endearing Alice-in-Wonderland-esque tincture bottles dotted around.

But which beauty treatment should you go for? For a brand that champions all-natural, organic products, it has to be a facial. The Validation Facial is the ultimate choice and kicks off with a Q&A session to determine your favourite scents and ultimate skin goals. Want softer skin? Dewier skin? Healthier skin? Your therapist will listen to your wishes and handpick the best products straight from the shop floor. From there commences an hour-long facial to get you glowing to the max.

Lush, 12-13 Commercial Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6AL. The Validation Facial costs £95 and includes a 30-minute personalised consultation followed by a 60-minute treatment.

7. Direct D-Stress, Cupping

Massage, relaxation

Stifle those sniggers, cupping is in fact a traditional spa treatment with roots in ancient Chinese medicine, and you can find it right here in Leeds. Lily, the owner of Direct D-Stress, is the perfect person for the job. She’s a knowledgeable Chinese physio-massage therapist and her focus is on more than just relaxing you. From her small but comfortable Headingley treatment room she’ll work hard to get to the root of your muscle-aching problems. Cupping carries an extensive list of benefits, so if pain-relief and looser muscles are high on your wish-list, this could be the treatment for you.

She’ll use small glass cups to create suction against the skin on your back. The cups are then left in place for a few minutes to allow your blood vessels to expand, increasing blood flow and reducing tension. You can expect some pretty weird marks afterwards, but cupping is advocated by top athletes around the world. D-Stress is one of the few spas in Leeds where you can have it done. Why not finish the session off with a traditional oriental head and neck massage for a full-body experience?

Direct D-Stress, 1 Cottage Road (above Giorgio’s restaurant), Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 4DD. Cupping sessions cost £30 for 30 minutes or £45 for 50 minutes.

8. Therapy Heaven, Chill Out! Package


Located inside Yorkshire Dance Centre in the heart of Leeds, Therapy Heaven’s treatment room is a marvellously homely space, covered in wall hangings and colourful rugs. It’s already a warm welcome space but the owner, Jan, has the credentials to leave you feeling totally at ease. She’s practised holistic therapies since 2001 and is passionate about working within the local Leeds community – she even offers discounted rates to students, carers, over 60s and those with mental health problems and learning difficulties.

There’s a mix of traditional and more alternative therapies on offer here, and the Chill Out! package is a superb way to mix’n’match the best of them. It combines 40 minutes of reflexology, with a 40-minute back, neck and shoulder massage and a 40-minute reiki healing session to create the ultimate treat for your mind, body and soul. Crystals can be used alongside the reiki to amplify the healing energy, and the massage itself will increase oxygen flow and release toxins from the muscles. All treatments are tailored to your needs and you can be sure to leave with your body relaxed and mind de-stressed.

Therapy Heaven, Yorkshire Dance Centre, 3 St Peters Buildings, St Peters Square, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 8AH. The Chill Out! package costs £50 for 120 minutes.

9. Millies Leeds, Organic Champagne & Chocolate Wrap

Organic Champagne & Chocolate Wrap at MIllies

Nothing says indulgence like champagne and chocolates. But how do you feel about smearing them all over your skin until you’re trussed up like an extremely posh turkey? It makes perfect sense for Millies in Leeds to feature edibles in their spa treatments, as the front of the shop is a health food store specialising in local Yorkshire produce. Step behind the shop and you’ll find their beauty salon, which boasts five rooms packed full of delicious spa treatments.

This Leeds shop-slash-spa is already well-known for its range of luxury beauty treatments and massages, but this one really tops the charts. The Champagne and Chocolate Wrap is almost good enough to eat, literally, but it’s certainly not a case of all-show and no-glow. The organic ingredients mean it’s packed full of rich antioxidants, making it the perfect choice for anyone suffering from dry or lacklustre skin. Hydrating and soothing, the wrap is followed by a full body massage to ensure you well and truly melt away.

Millies Leeds, 109 Vicar Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6PJ. Champagne and Chocolate Luxury Body Wrap costs £60 for 120 minutes.

10. Tranquil Moments, Hopi Ear Candling

Tranquil Moments

With a range of massages on offer from within the light and airy treatment room, Tranquil Moments in Leeds offers a mix of indulgent and more remedial treatments to keep you feeling, and fighting, fit. Their experienced therapists will pamper you with traditional massages to banish tension, beauty treatments and scrubs to get your glow back, and alternative therapies that put your emotional wellbeing front and centre.

Hopi ear candling is an interesting mix of these. Named after the Hopi tribe of North America, it works by inserting hollow, fabric-lined candles gently into your outer ears, where the heat helps to release waxy build-ups and the flame creates a negative pressure that draws out impurities. Sounds a little unusual, right? But it’s actually extremely gentle (a candle “skirt” means there’s zero chance of hot wax falling onto you) and it can help banish congestion, tinnitus, headaches and migraines. The hairdressers below is top-notch too, so you can swing by for a post-treatment chop to well and truly clear your head.

Tranquil Moments, Masters of Craft, 7 Blenheim Terrace, Woodhouse, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9HZ. Hopi Ear Candling costs £27 for 35 minutes.

11. ID Holistics, Healing Treatments

ID Holistics

Just a couple of minutes’ walk from the River Aire in the centre of Leeds, ID Holistics is a one-woman outfit that boasts a whole brigade of loyal customers who swear by her spa treatments. Why? Because Erica, the owner, takes great care in her craft, and whether it’s full-body relaxation or full-mind immersion, she’s ready to deliver. Her studio is a little riverside haven too, filled with plants and hand-blended aromatherapy oils. Everything here has the personal touch.

The best way to enjoy it? Well, that depends on your vice, but the healing treatments at this Leeds spa are especially invigorating. The Aroma Healing Treatment combines natural aromatherapy oils with gentle touch to stimulate the senses and make your entire body feeling the benefits of soft tissue massage. The Mind Healing Treatment, on the other hand, is all about your shoulders, neck and scalp, using oil blends and expert acupressure techniques to relieve tightness in the upper body. It’s a bit like an Indian head massage, reiki and facial all-in-one. And by Jove it’s good.

ID Holistics, Therapy Studio 2nd floor, No.7 Bridge End, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 7HG. Aroma Healing Treatment costs £30 for 30 minutes and the Mind Healing Treatment costs £45 for 60 minutes.