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Try This Incredible Body-Sculpting Fitness Class For Just £8 – That’s 60% Off!

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Getting fabulously fit just got a whole lot cheaper.

Women doing Barrecore

Barrecore is a body transformation exercise that’s sweeping the nation. It’s safe, high intensity and low impact, helping to sculpt the body rather than bulk it up. Book now to get your first class for just £8 with code LLBARRECORE22.

Barrecore promises a totally unique way to get fit, and now you can try it for a fraction of the usual price.

Barrecore is the only dedicated Barre studio in Leeds, offering a method of getting fit unlike any other. It’s proven hugely popular with celebs and influencers – there’s a reason Madonna looked so amazing on those recent Instagram photos – but also with the general public, because it offers a high intensity low impact workout that gives truly transformative results. And you can try it for just £8, that’s 60% off, but act fast, this killer offer ends on Friday 11th February 2022.

Introducing the Barrecore Method

Men doing Barrecore

If you’re new to Barre, get ready to have your mind blown. How many other exercises lay such great emphasis on keeping still? By combining elements of yoga, ballet and pilates, Barre can make a very real difference to your body in just a few weeks. Forget pounding on the treadmill – this high intensity workout is all about muscle movements that bring on the ‘shake’.

That moment when your muscles are exhausted from targeted movements sculpts your body. The movements are small and barely visible, so while you won’t be sweating, you will be getting a targeted workout. This low impact style of getting fit means that Barre is ideal for exercisers across all age groups – it’s perfect if you’re prenatal, postnatal or recovering from injury.

The best way to see if Barre is for you is to give it a go. And for just £8 – 60% off the usual price – you can try the ‘eccentric’ and ‘isometric’ contractions that will lengthen and tone your muscles. Stick to it and within weeks, you’ll have more energy, a flatter tummy and a perkier bum. Overall, you’ll feel stronger and more confident, but importantly, you won’t bulk up.

Try a bargain-price class on for size!

Barrecore Class

Barrecore’s classes are run by expert teachers who’ve trained for a minimum of 200 hours. They’ll introduce the class and focus on you to make sure you’re getting targeted exercise and that you know what you’re supposed to do – you won’t be left alone to find your own way. You’ll start with a warm-up, proceed to the full-body work and end with stretches as you warm down.

The core class is BarreSIGNATURE. It uses light props, bodyweight resistance, barre work and repetitions to get your muscles working. It teaches the principles of Barre and is an absolute bargain with our exclusive offer. You might want to ease yourself in before that with BarreFORM. The focus on form and alignment, as well as the slow place of the class, makes it an ideal introduction for newbies and first-timers.

If you fall in love with Barrecore, as so many have, you can progress to different classes with specific focusses. SCULPT puts the emphasis on muscle burn to accelerate body toning, using more resistance bands. SWEAT adds a cardio element for heart health and RESTORE uses stretches and breathing techniques to amplify results. You can try any of them with our deal.

Book now & get your first class for just £8

This brilliant Barrecore bargain gets you into your first class for just £8. That’s 60% off the usual price. You can try any of their group classes – just book a single group class online and use the code LLBARRECORE22. The offer ends on Friday 11th February 2022, so get your skates on!

Terms and Conditions:

This offer entitles you to one Barrecore Leeds group class for just £8. Must use code LLBARRECORE22. Can be used on any Barrecore Leeds group class. Can only be used once per customer. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Subject to availability. Offer ends 11th February 2022. The promoter reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time.