Not only does Karshare make renting your neighbour's car easy and affordable, but they're giving you £30 off your first rental! Join Karshare now and book your first trip with code LEEDSLIST30.

Whether you need a car for a day trip or an important meeting, Karshare has one near you.

What if you could have a car whenever you needed one, for an affordable price, parked just around the corner? That’s the beauty of Karshare. It lets you rent your neighbours’ wheels when they’re not using them, so you can have all the perks of a car, without the commitment. Intrigued? For a limited time only, you can get £30 off your first rental, so put your foot down.

Affordable and sustainable? You betcha

People Using Karshare

Karshare is a unique new concept. Rather than buying a fleet of cars and renting them out, they’re unlocking the potential of the 38 million vehicles that line our streets. After all, the average UK car sits unused 96% of the time, but if that one car was available to everyone, we could empower more people to give up their cars and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

It’s cheap too, with no hidden fees! Depending on what’s available, you could rent a Ford Focus for £53 a day, a Mini Cooper for £67 a day or a BMW 1 Series for £71 a day. Only need it for a few hours? Get an Audi A1 for as little as £41. If you just need to use a car occasionally, Karshare could save you a packet – and with prices like these, that £30 discount will go a very long way.

Smart tech makes it easy and safe


The secret to Karshare is their tech. You won’t have to knock on any doors or pick up any keys – you simply unlock the car with your phone. Their app works in combination with the KarshareGo keyless technology installed in the car to give you quick, easy and secure access, unlocked through facial recognition. And the in-car GPS will help you find your ride quick-smart.

But that’s not the only benefit to their pioneering tech. You see, they also use driver telematics to monitor mileage, fuel consumption and the way you drive. The latter is the most important here because Karshare rewards good driving with Kudos Credits that give you discounts on future rentals. It’s just another reason to treat the car as if it’s your own.

Hurry, get £30 off your first rental now


Want to have a community of cars at your fingertips? Make the most of your £30 discount! Just register for Karshare and enter the promo code LL30 when you book your first car. With a minimum rental of just £40, you could pay as little as £10 for your first jaunt – you’ll have to be quick though because this exclusive offer must end on Wednesday 30th November 2022.

Terms & conditions. This offer entitles you to £30 off your first Karshare rental using the code LL30. Discount is only available to new Karshare customers. Subject to availability. Code can only be used once per customer. Code expires on Wednesday 30th November 2022 – your car must be booked by this date but it can be booked for any date in the future. £30 discount can only be applied to rentals of £40 or more. Karshare’s general rental terms and conditions apply.