Find Out How MCard Makes Bus Travel Easier Than Ever Before for Under-19s in West Yorkshire

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Making bus travel simple and affordable.

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Making travel simple, MCard is the only way for under-19s to buy bus travel in West Yorkshire. MCard tickets and the MCard app can be used across all bus operators in the county, giving under-19s freedom and parents peace of mind. Find out more.

Want your kids to travel safely and cheaply in West Yorkshire? There’s one card to rule them all…

Since 2021, the Young Person’s Fare Deal has made travel cheaper for many of the journeys taken by under-19s in West Yorkshire. Things have got even simpler with MCard being the sole way for young people to buy bus tickets in West Yorkshire. It’s made purchasing a ticket a hassle-free process, with a range of deals and options, all accessible through the MCard Mobile app. It’s given children, teenagers and young adults new freedom, and it’s perfect for parents too.

Hello buses, goodbye mum and dad’s taxi service

MCard Under 19s

The MCard app is the perfect way to give your child a measure of independence while also ensuring that they’re never left stranded. They get to grow up a little, you get peace of mind. They can buy MCard tickets on the mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices. With tickets pre-loaded, you can rest assured that your kid has a cash-free way to get home, whether it’s from school, a friend’s house or shopping in town. Sick of being a taxi service? Say goodbye to lifts and hello to your kids navigating the county for themselves.

All bus users have spent time planning routes across the city and county that take in multiple operators and require different tickets for each bus. It’s a headache. Not with MCard. All the major operators in West Yorkshire – First Bus, Arriva, Transdev and more – accept MCard tickets. It makes travel cheaper and stress-free, and lets you or your child hop on and hop off services without having to worry about having the wrong ticket. Plus, the price is capped, with the cost of singles depending on journey length, so they’re covered for both those short trips and longer days out.

How MCard lets them travel more for less

MCard Under 19s

If you’ve got a kid just dipping their toes into the world of independence, whether that’s them getting the bus to secondary school for the first time or wanting to visit friends a bus trip away, the wide range of tickets on the MCard Mobile app will allow you to let them off the leash a little bit. And as it covers 11 to 19-year-olds, it’s also ideal for those who are leaving school and heading to college, working part-time jobs while studying or even getting their first jobs. When they want to see mates at their house or in town, they don’t have to rely on you, and there’s no walking home in the dark.

Another benefit is that the clear pricing structure will allow you or them to budget ahead of time, more important than ever with the cost of living crisis. MySingle tickets are just 60p for trips under one mile, £1.20 for one to five miles and £1.80 for five miles or more. MyDay tickets are 10 for £22.50, or £2.50 each. They can ride all buses in West Yorkshire all week with MyWeek for just £9.00, while a MyMonth ticket is £35 – saving more money the more they use the bus. The app is free to download and a piece of cake to use. Buy a ticket in advance and activate it when they’re ready to travel!

Find out more about the MCard and download the MCard Mobile app.