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Get Locked In – The Best Escape Games in Leeds

· Ali Turner · Culture

Can you beat the clock and escape the room?


It’s all the rage, a game that will see you and your mates locked in a room with no escape – unless you can puzzle your way out.

Looking for a fun way to spend time with your friends? After a neat team building activity? Try one of the many escape games in Leeds. The craze has taken over the city and it’ll see you locked in a room with your mates – the only way out is to solve a series of puzzles, clues and riddles that will lead you on an unusual adventure. Fancy it? Here’s where to go…

The Great Escape Game

The Great Escape Game, Leeds

Said to be ‘the mother of all locked room escape games’, The Great Escape Game has a duo of extremely popular escape room venues in Sheffield and Leeds. They’re known for their unusual themed games, so you’ll get an experience like no other here.

They have nine rooms for you to work your way through, each of which has an interesting backstory. You can venture into the underworld on a secret mission, play the devil at his own game or head up a rescue mission into unknown territory – the choice is yours. Each one is ranked by difficulty, so you can start with something easy and work up to a seriously tricky escape. Prices start from £22 per person or £15 for students, but vary depending on the size of your group. Their rooms are designed for 2-8 players.

The Great Escape Game, Atlas House, 31 King Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2HL.

Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt, The Light

Escape Hunt is one of the biggest players in the industry. They have locked-in rooms in over 50 different locations, from Sydney to Paris, and opened their first UK venue right here in Leeds.

All their games are created by their Global Design Studio, so they’re built on years of experience and you’ll see it in the game. They’re designed to pull you in and make you part of the action, so you won’t just be locked in the room, you’ll take on a character and a backstory. Their first Leeds game, Our Finest Hour, will bring out the secret agent in you as you set off on a counter-intelligence mission in the midsts of World War II. It’s £25 each for 2-3 players or £20 for 4-6 players.

Escape Hunt, The Light, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 8TL.

Tick Tock Unlock

Tick Tock Unlock, Leeds

The original Leeds escape game, Tick Tock Unlock has been locking folk up for longer than we care to remember. They’ve got a covetable location, just minutes from Leeds Train Station, and have no less than six different rooms for you to work your way out of.

Each one has a different theme and you have an hour to get out – you can step into an abandoned asylum, venture into ancient Egypt or even follow Alice down the rabbit hole. Whichever room you choose, it promises to be a fully immersive experience with completely unique puzzles you won’t find anywhere else. For all their other games, prices start at £14 per person, but vary depending on the size of your group. Their rooms are designed for 3-6 players.

Tick Tock Unlock, Third Floor, Kings House, 1 King Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2HH & The Hyper Reality Experience, Arena 1, Trinity Leeds, 27 Albion Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5ER.

Locked In Games

Just on the outskirts of Leeds city centre, Locked In Games is another old favourite. You can find it in the Old Sheepscar Library, a huge space that they’ve used to create six unique escape games.

So, what do you fancy? You can take on the Kiss of Death as you battle to save the patients of St Margaret’s Hospital – or why not visit the 5-star Hotel Paradise? They’ve also got a nursery and American diner themed rooms – but our favourite is their literature themed room, which will take you into the world of The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe. Prices start from £16 per person but vary depending on the size of your group. Their rooms are designed for 3-5 players. Organising a works do? They have a conference room and two training rooms, so you can mix business and pleasure.

Locked In Games, 2 Chapeltown Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 3AP.

Escape Reality

Escape Reality has nine venues in the UK, including one in Leeds. It’s tucked away in Armley and it holds a surprising array of experiences – they have seven games, each kitted out with realistic sets and complex puzzles.

You’re absolutely spoilt for choice here. You could go Down the Rabbit Hole with an Alice in Wonderland inspired adventure that will transport you to a topsy turvy world where nothing is what it seems. Want something a little bit darker? They’ve got their own take on Nosferatu – you’ll find yourself in a small region of Romania in 1841 where a legendary vampire is on the rampage. Can you find him before your time is up? Prices start from £16 per person but vary depending on the size of your group. Their rooms are designed for 2-5 players.

Escape Reality, 164 Armley Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12 2TY.



Kanyu is a little bit different. For a start, it’s out in the sticks, in the lovely Yorkshire countryside. It’s also hidden within a Grade II Georgian Gatehouse, which they’ve transformed into the ultimate escape room centre.

They’ve used movie set designers to create hyper-realistic experiences. FusionLX are the masterminds behind their puzzles and challenges, they’re one of the country’s top AV & interactive specialists and they’ve worked on special exhibitions for the British Museum and The Natural History Museum. From a long-abandoned lab to the outdoor poachers’ compound, they have three exciting rooms for you to try. It’s £20 per person, no matter how many people play. Their rooms are designed for 2-6 players.

South Lodge, Moor End, Boston Spa, Wetherby, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS23 6ER.