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The Best Pub Quizzes in Leeds

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Thinking caps at the ready – can you become Leeds' pub quiz champion?

Pub Quiz

Fancy a night at the local pub quiz? You’ve got plenty to choose from in Leeds, so start working your way through them all…

From remarkable facts about the city’s history to current affairs, pop music and that tricky picture round, a trip to the pub quiz is the perfect opportunity for you and your mates to test your know-how against a bunch of Leeds locals. And best of all, you can do it with a pint in hand…

LS6 Cafe

LS6 Cafe

Every Thursday night is quiz night at LS6 Cafe, but it’s all about their Netflix and Quiz nights! Once (or twice) a month the quiz is themed around a popular TV show or movie series. These themed quizzes include a Play Doh round and a ‘Play Your Cards Right’ round with chances to win spot prizes. It kicks off at 8pm and there’s always a cash prize. Details of upcoming themes can be found in their Facebook event listings.

LS6 Cafe, 16 Headingley Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 2AS.

The Hop

The Hop

Tucked away under the arches of Granary Wharf, The Hop is home to one of the best quizzes in Leeds. Popular for its real ale and live music, Tuesday nights are quiz nights, with free entry and even a free supper – that’s right, they cook up everything from pies to chip butties for everyone who takes part. The quiz covers all aspects of general knowledge, and if you manage to come out on top, you’ll get a gallon of Ossett Brewery beer.

The Hop, Granary Wharf, Dark Neville Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4BR.

Water Lane Boathouse

Water Lane Boathouse

You’ll find one of the best pub quizzes in Leeds at Water Lane Boathouse. It starts at 7pm every Monday night and it’s £5 per team. You’ll be grilled on all sorts of topics, from general knowledge to sport, music and films – and if you win, you’ll get a £50 bar tab. They also do play your cards right, and if there’s no winner, the cash rolls over to the next one. And just to top it off, there’s free pizza for every team that takes part.

Water Lane Boathouse, Canal Wharf, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 5PS.

The Chemic Tavern

The Chemic Tavern

The Chemic Tavern is a popular haunt for real ale and music fans, but don’t forget their Monday Night Quiz. Quizmaster Laurin gets it going from 8:30pm every week, when your knowledge and creative skills will be put to the test. Expect your standard questions and answers, interspersed with creative group challenges that will earn you extra points throughout the quiz. It’s 50p per person, with a £15 prize for the quiz winners. Keep an eye out for their monthly film and TV quiz too hosted by Beyond the Box Set podcast, which takes place at 7pm on the last Sunday of every month.

The Chemic Tavern, 9 Johnston Street, Woodhouse, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 2NG.


BrewDog beer

Get down to BrewDog on a Tuesday evening for their fun, sometimes inappropriate pub quiz. It kicks off around 8pm and is free to enter. You won’t get themes here – it’s a complete mish-mash of whatever has caught the quizmaster’s eye in the past week. One question you’ll cover the latest social media crazes and the next, you’ll try to recall facts about animal penises. Winners get £40 worth of vouchers to spend, but they love to give out a few throw-away prizes too, whether it’s for the best team name or simply amusing the quizmaster.

BrewDog, The White Cloth Hall, Crown Street, Leeds, Wets Yorkshire, LS2 7DA.

The Fox and Newt

The Fox and Newt

The Fox and Newt draws in the crowds at 8pm every Tuesday for their pub quiz. It’s £1 to play and all proceeds go to St Gemma’s Hospice. They love a themed round and mix them up alongside the general knowledge questions – Peaky Blinders, Friends and even Boris Johnson have all been topics in the past. You can expect a few puzzles, including crosswords and anagrams to be thrown into the mix too. The team with the best name get a bottle of vino, and if you win the quiz, you’ll bag a crate of beer.

The Fox and Newt, 9 Burley Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS3 1LD.

Old Bar

Old Bar at Leeds University Union, The Otley Run

You don’t have to be a student to make the most out of Leeds University Union’s Old Bar pub quiz on Thursday nights at 8pm sharp. It’s 50p per person to enter, with a maximum of eight people per team – be careful with your team names, however, as the bell of shame will be rung for the worst. Most quizzes are general knowledge with a few special nights throughout the year when it’s themed – think US election, Superbowl and Yorkshire. If you come in the top three, you get a prize – 1st gets £50 in vouchers to use in the Union, 2nd gets £20 and third gets £10.

Old Bar, Leeds University Union, Lifton Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9JZ.


Arcadia real ale bar, headingley, Leeds

Arcadia is not just renowned for its amazing selection of craft beer, but its Monday night pub quiz too. It starts at 8pm every week, with a £1 entry fee – but all proceeds go to the Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice, so you can be as generous as you like. The quiz is a straightforward affair, 30 questions followed by a 10 picture image round. If you manage to beat the rest, you’ll get a gallon of beer to cheers your victory.

Arcadia, 34 Arndale Centre, Otley Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 2UE.

The Head of Steam

The Head of Steam

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Get over hump day with a Wednesday night pub quiz at The Head of Steam in Headingley. You’ve got oodles of craft beer to choose from and a menu of burgers to dig into, which will give you the energy to make sure you’ve got the fastest fingers first – this is a smartphone quiz on all kinds of different topics and there’s a 10 second limit per question. It’s free to enter and winners will get a bar tab.

The Head of Steam, 11-13 North Lane, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 3HG.

The White Swan

The White Swan, Leeds

The historic White Swan runs its popular pub quiz on Thursday nights from 8pm. Grab one of the real ales behind the bar and pay your 50p entry – all fees are totted up and given to the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. Between the rounds of general knowledge questions, the quizmaster, Jacob Savage (who is also their pianist), gets on the keys for their music round. You’ll get a gallon of beer if you win and a bottle of wine if you come second.

The White Swan, 5 Swan Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6LG.

Northern Monk Brew Co.

Northern Monk Brew Co.

Credit: Giles Smith

Northern Monk is just that little bit different from the rest. The quiz takes place every Wednesday night from 7.30pm and it’s free to play. It’s run by the quizzical duo, A Tribe Called Quiz, who like to mix it up a little bit. They have the regular question and answer rounds, but they’ll also spin the wheel to pick ridiculous topics like Jurassic Park, mime and earotica. That’s right – earotica. You won’t just be thinking of answers, there will be drawing and general tomfoolery required. Winners will bag themselves some of Northern Monk’s finest cans.

Northern Monk Brew Co., The Old Flax Store, Marshall Mills, Marshall Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 9YJ.



Love rock & roll? Put your knowledge to the test at Howl’s weekly musical pub quiz. This straightforward dive bar is the ideal place to prove you know your AC/DC from your Led Zeppelin and your Black Sabbath from your Metallica, so get over there at 7.30pm every Tuesday. It’s a mix of questions and music rounds, with a bar tab for the winners, as well as spot prizes to be won throughout.

Howl, 112 Vicar Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7NL.

Kirkstall Bridge Inn

Kirkstall bridge Inn

Kirkstall Brewery’s Bridge Inn offers up one of the best pub quizzes in Leeds every Wednesday evening. Head there for 8pm and take a seat in their downstairs bar. The Kirkstall Quizmaster hosts what they describe as ‘an evening of intellectual entertainment’ that will really put your brain to the test. Expect questions covering general knowledge, music, pictures and specialist subjects which change up every week. It’s free to play and if you win, you’ll get to celebrate with a £30 bar tab. Wednesdays are also their wings nights, just to top it off.

Kirkstall Bridge Inn, 12 Bridge Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS5 3BW.

The Library

The Library

End the week at student favourite The Library for one of the most unconventional pub quizzes in Leeds. It starts at 7pm every Sunday and it’s free to enter – it’s an app-based quiz with questions on everything from Game of Thrones to sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Winners get More Card Points in the pub and there’s a second and third place up for grabs too. There’s also a chance to win a sharing platter by taking on one of their challenges mid-quiz.

The Library, 229 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 3AP.

Crowd of Favours

Crowd of Favours

Crowd of Favours end their Sunday Funday with an interactive pub quiz. It’s £1 to enter and it all takes place on your smartphone in a fastest-finger-first battle, which will make Googling those answers that little bit harder. It kicks off at 8pm and you can win a gallon of ale if you beat the rest. Why not get down there early for one of their epic roasts and a pint of real ale and really do Sunday right?

Crowd of Favours, Harper Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7EA.

Seven Arts

Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton

A Chapel Allerton favourite, the Seven Arts Sunday Quiz takes place every weekend at 8pm. It’s free entry, but there’s an optional £1 raffle to try your luck at. Quizmaster Rog Hunter will test your general knowledge, with special rounds to keep things interesting. Prizes change up every week and range from bar to cinema vouchers, but what makes it extra special is the fact that it also coincides with their Sunday jazz performances, which will soundtrack your evening before the quiz.

Seven Arts, 31A Harrogate Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 3PD.

Outlaws Yacht Club

Outlaws Yacht Club

Credit: Katie Nicole

One of Leeds’ coolest hangouts, Outlaws Yacht Club loves a good pub quiz. Theirs takes place every Monday night from 8pm and it’s free to have a go. This isn’t your normal quiz – they have a theme for team names each week, and the funniest wins some cake. The quizzes are themed too, and in between their general knowledge rounds, they have a round dedicated to questions about Yorkshire and a music round which sees the quizmaster sing songs incredibly badly, so good luck with that. The team that loses gets the chance to come up with the guest round for the following week and the winners get £20, with the runners-up bagging £10.

Outlaws Yacht Club, 38 New York Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7DY.

Kith & Kin

Kith & Kin

Kith & Kin has hosted a Wednesday night pub quiz in Chapel Allerton for over 5 years and it’s still one of the best in Leeds. Get down there for 8pm sharp, or if you arrive even earlier, you can treat yourself to a few drinks and a bite to eat. The quiz changes on a regular basis, from general knowledge to special themes like comedy tv shows, but you’ll always need your phone, as you answer on an app. It’s free to play and you can win a £50 bar tab.

Kith & Kin, 16/18 Stainbeck Lane, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 3QY.

The Adelphi

The Adelphi

Credit: James Broome

The Adelphi’s Tuesday night pub quiz is a great one to try out. It starts at 8pm and entry is £1 per person. You’ll cover all kinds of topics and the winner gets a £30 Adelphi gift card. In between, they also have a jackpot round, which gives you the chance to win however much they’ve racked up at the time. But the prizes don’t stop there, because once a month, you can take part in a special themed round in a bid to win the £50 jackpot prize.

The Adelphi, 3-5 Hunslet Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1JQ.

Calls Landing

Calls Landing, Leeds

Get down to The Stew and Oyster at Calls Landing every Monday night from 8pm and start the week with a cracking pub quiz in Leeds. They run your typical general knowledge quiz, covering everything from sport to music and movies. It’s £1 to enter, with a £50 bar tab to share between your team of eggheads if you beat the competition. That’s not all – they keep you on your toes with a spot prize of prosecco that can be won at any point in the evening.

Calls Landing, 36-38 The Calls, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7EW.

The Cardigan Arms

The Cardigan Arms

It starts with Kebab Night at 5pm at The Cardigan Arms, but that’s followed by their famous weird and wonderful quiz from 9pm every Tuesday. So grab your pals, tuck into a lamb doner and pick the most cringeworthy team name you can think of. It’s strange here – rounds could include anything from narrated charades to badly drawn pictures and blind beer tasting. But it’s free to play, and you’ve got a chance to win a £30 bar tab. Quiz-tina Aguilera, assemble!

The Cardigan Arms, 364 Kirkstall Road, Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2HQ.

The Pit

The Den at The Pit

Credit: Tom Joy

The Pit host their themed pub quiz once a month on a Thursday and they keep it interesting by giving it a different theme every time. Head over at 8:30pm and you could be faced with anything from teasers about the 90s to toughies on Friends, The Simpsons or The Lord of the Rings. Keep an eye on their calendar to see which quiz is up next and make sure your phone is charged as it’s all done on an app – you could end up winning a big old crate of Sol as well as spot prizes throughout the evening.

The Pit, 9 Merrion Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6PQ.

The Royal Park

The Royal Park Pub, Hyde Park, Leeds

The Royal Park is a student favourite that runs two pub quizzes. There’s a speed-round mobile quiz at 9pm on Thursdays nights as well as a more traditional one on Sunday nights hosted by Will, a real-life Eggheads winner. The latter is called Universally Challenged – it starts at 8pm, and costs £1 to enter. There are prizes for the top 3 teams, as well as for the worst team and the best name. You can also take part in a jackpot round – four really hard questions that win you the jackpot if you get them right, if not it rolls over. If you go to one of Leeds’ unis, do the quiz every week for a chance to battle it out in their end-of-term finals which could bag you £500.

The Royal Park, 39 Queen’s Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 1NY.

The Dry Dock

Dry Dock Beer Garden Leeds

Get down to The Dry Dock every Thursday from 8pm for their free-to-enter speed quiz. Get your phones ready and download their smartphone pub quiz app, ready for quizmaster Phil Clay to run through some tough general knowledge teasers that you have to answer within 10 seconds. If you manage to finish in the top three, you’ll get a big block of More Card Points which you can use in the pub afterwards.

The Dry Dock, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 3AX.

The Mustard Pot

The Mustard Pot has a pub quiz that starts at 8pm every Sunday night. It’s £1 to enter and is incredibly popular with the local community. You’ll have to work your way through 40 questions that cover a themed picture round, general knowledge, sport and entertainment. If you win, you’ll get a crate of beer. Most people head down early to grab one of their roast dinners, which are served until 8pm, so why not join them?

The Mustard Pot, 20 Stainbeck Lane, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 3QY.

The Box

The Box Sports Bars in Leeds

The Box in Headingley offers a varied pub quiz, with rounds tackling TV, sport, film and music. It takes place at 9pm every Monday and costs nothing, though you will need a smartphone to take part as it’s all done through an app. Answer the questions as they pop up on your screen – but be warned, you have just 10 seconds to select the right answer. You could win a £100 bar tab to share if you come first.

The Box, 8 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 2AD.

The Eldon

The Eldon, The Otley Run

The Eldon has gone the cheat-free route with their pub quiz, which takes place at 8.30pm every Monday night. It’s a speedquiz, so you download the app on your phone and you’ll get just 10 seconds to select your answer – the pressure is really is on here. It promises general knowledge, music and keypad rounds and all for just £1 per player, with extra chances to win with spot games throughout the night. Winners will be able to win booze and cash.

The Eldon, 190 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9DX.

West End House

West End House

West End House is a welcoming boozer that hosts two quiz nights every week, with all but one of its games free to play. From 9:30pm on Tuesday nights, you can play their general knowledge quiz with picture rounds, anagrams and music trivia – the top prize is £20 in bar vouchers. Then from the same time on Thursday nights, they host Noughts and Crosses, Our Survey Says and Play Your Cards Right – the latter is £1 to play for a generous helping of beer vouchers.

West End House, 26 Abbey Road, Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS5 3HS.

Stew and Oyster

Stew & Oyster, Oakwood

Much like its sister venue in Leeds city centre, the Stew and Oyster in Oakwood is a smart little bar to visit for a pint and a night at the pub quiz. Theirs takes place from 8pm every Tuesday and it’s free to enter. The team with the best general knowledge will walk away with a £50 bar tab that will see you celebrating a hard-earned win with well-deserved drinks – you can even win a prosecco spot prize during the quiz too.

The Stew and Oyster, 488 Roundhay Road, Oakwood, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS8 2HU.

The Fenton

The Fenton

On Thursday nights at around 8pm, The Fenton hosts its Crazy Quiz, which can get a little bit crazy. You have 20 questions to answer and at the end, one member of your team will have a chance to do something extra to win points – so it’s not all about brains. They do a themed quiz regularly, like Star Wars or Quiz Against Humanity. If you win, you get a £20 bar tab, but if not, you can still take part in a raffle. You even get free nachos halfway through and they do mini-games and spot prizes too.

The Fenton, 161-165 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 3ED.

The Palace

The Palace, Leeds

The Palace take their pub quizzes very seriously, so much so, that they offer two every week. Their Monday night quiz starts at 9.30pm and their Wednesday one starts at 10pm. Each quiz is led by their quizmaster who’ll take you through a slew of general knowledge questions, as well as a picture round. If you’re brainy enough to beat their regulars, you’ll walk away with a gallon of beer, but be warned, they have a few expert pub quiz teams in here on a regular basis.

The Palace, Kirkgate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7DJ.

The Old Peacock

The Old Peacock

The Old Peacock has a cracking pub quiz to go alongside its abundance of real ales and traditional British food menu. It kicks off at 5.30pm on a Sunday, but it’s free to take part, so why not nip down and test out your general knowledge after a Sunday lunch? You might win a gallon of Ossett Brewery’s finest for your troubles and because it’s an early one, you’ll have plenty of time to make the most of it before you head home.

The Old Peacock, 251 Elland Road, Beeston, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 8TU.

The Griffin

The Griffin Leeds

The Griffin offers one of the best free pub quizzes in Leeds city centre, and it kicks off at 7pm on Wednesdays. Get creative with your team names because the best gets a bottle of wine, and they also ask an introduction question, which gives you the chance to bag a free plate of nachos for your team. Once you’ve worked your way through the main general knowledge questions, you’ll know whether you’re in with a chance of winning the £30 bar tab. They encourage you to get down early as they often run out of quiz sheets.

The Griffin, 31 Boar Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5DF.

Parkside Tavern

Parkside Tavern

Credit: Ollievsion

Make a beeline for Parkside Tavern every Tuesday night for Let’s Get Quizzical. You can grab a local ale at the bar and order one of their pizzas before it kicks off at 7.30pm. It’s a smartphone general knowledge quiz, so make sure your phone has enough juice before you start playing. It’s just £2 to enter or £1 for students and newbies, and if you come out on top, you can win a bar tab to celebrate with.

Parkside Tavern, St Johns House, Merrion Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 8JE.

The Original Oak

The Original Oak

Monday night is quiz night at The Original Oak. Get down there for 8pm, or earlier to guarantee a seat and maybe grab a bite to eat. It’s generally a traditional setup with general knowledge teasers for £1 entry per person. You get free buffet-style food at halftime, and if you manage to win, you’ll get a gallon of ale, equal to eight pints, to share with your team.

The Original Oak, 2 Otley Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 2DG.

Think we missed somewhere? Don’t keep it to yourself, tell us in the comments are share your favourite pub quizzes with the Leeds masses.

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