Leeds-List: The Best & Most Insightful Guide to Leeds

5 Yorkshire Markets You Need to Visit

You’ll find all sorts of treasures at these markets.

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Leeds Kirkgate Market Launches New Fresh Food, Street Food & Events Space

This week, Leeds Kirkgate Market finished the first phase of their mammoth renovation project, by opening a host of exciting new areas – and they’re quite something.

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Markets in Leeds

Whether you’re after fresh fruit and veg, tasty street food or locally-produced arts and crafts, you’ll find a market in Leeds that has just what you need.

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9 Changes Happening at Kirkgate Market That You’re Going to Love

Find out more about the changes going on at Kirkgate Market.

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17 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Kirkgate Market

As the largest covered market in Europe, Kirkgate Market is one of Leeds’ most famous institutions – but it still has secrets you probably don’t know about.

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Kirkgate Market’s Best Kept Secrets

Everyone knows the Kirkgate Market is a great place to get fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish – but it has a few surprises in store too.

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Leeds Meat Market

With supermarket beef prices at an all time high, Leeds meat market is offering a cheaper, better quality and more trustworthy alternative to picking your protein from the shelves of the big supermarkets.

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Leeds Fish Market

With the opening of supermarket after supermarket, Leeds fish market may get a little forgotten. But here’s a reminder of why you should pay them a visit next time you’re rustling up that fish dish.

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