3 Game-Changing MedTech Companies in Leeds That Are Stepping Up Their Growth Plans

· Kirsty Allen · Business

These Leeds companies are disrupting the healthcare industry with their groundbreaking tech.

Tissue Regenix

Technological advancement is transforming the healthcare industry, and some of the most exciting MedTech companies can be found here in Leeds.

The Leeds tech scene is thriving and the MedTech scene is no different. Some of medicine’s most innovative breakthroughs are happening right here on our doorstep. From a video game company battling dementia to a bionic hand designer shaping the future of artificial limbs, here are three Leeds-based MedTech companies stepping up their growth plans.



Leeds-based MedTech company Ascentys has landed a share of a £25 million Innovate UK funding pot to trial its groundbreaking gaming and AI tech, which aims to support early diagnosis of Alzheimers. Dementia treatment costs the NHS millions per year, and there’s a great need to reduce patient screening waiting list time. Ascentys hopes to do just that.

Ascentys is an interactive studio with a difference. It’s founded by three senior academic researchers, with a focus on developing video games for mental health. Funding has been set aside for the pilot of their pioneering G:DATA game, which is not only highly engaging, but also inexpensive and non-invasive, and could well transform the dementia screening process.

Tissue Regenix

Tissue Regenix

Leeds-based MedTech company Tissue Regenix has signed an exclusive distribution deal, which will see its patented knee ligament reconstruction technology used in Germany. The deal follows the success of a similar partnership with an Italian distributor, helping Tissue Regenix expand its groundbreaking regenerative technology across Europe.

Tissue Regenix’s OrthoPure XT is an innovative artificial ligament technology, which helps improve reconstruction outcomes by eliminating the need for painful additional ‘donor site’ surgery. The multi-year distribution deal, signed with Hamburg-based 2med, kicks off solely in Germany, but there’s room for future expansion into the firm’s other territories.

COVVI Limited


Credit: Reuters/Maja Smiejkowska

Prosthetic hand company COVVI Limited has increased operations at its Quayside Business Park HQ, following a 400% increase in global distributors and approval by the NHS for the use of bionic hands in eligible patients. Their technology has been approved for used with both amputee patients and those born with congenital upper limb deficiencies.

COVVI uses premium materials, digital motors and innovative design to deliver industry-leading bionic hands. Users are able to manage multiple settings including sensitivity and grip via an app, thanks to Bluetooth within the hand. The disruptive technology has been built around the necessity for functionality and accessibility, and has a truly life-changing impact for its users.