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The Best Takeaways in Leeds

· Joseph Sheerin · Food and Drink

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I Am Doner

Wondering where you’ll find the best takeaways in Leeds? We’ve done the hard work for you.

When it comes to ordering a takeaway in Leeds, you’re almost paralysed by choice. Chinese or Indian, pizza or kebabs, there are so many decisions to make, but ordering in should be easy, so we’ve rounded up the best in the city to help you narrow down the list and get your dinner in record time. Next time you don’t fancy cooking, come back to this list and try one of these.


Poco Leeds

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Want Sicilian street food on-the-go? Make no mistake, Poco is one of the best takeaways in Leeds. Their ‘Pizza al Taglio’ changes daily, with toppings like Italian sausage and spinach or green olives and artichokes. But the star of the show has to be the Pollo Arrosto, a rotisserie chicken served in quarters, halves or whole, which pairs perfectly with their Italian roast potatoes and Mediterranean veggies. Be sure to try their Nutella arancini balls too.

Poco, 360 Kirkstall Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2HQ.

Soprano’s Pizza


Got a hankering for a good old fashioned pizza? Give Soprano’s a go. It’s a classic takeaway joint that makes some of the finest pizzas in Leeds, from classics like the Hawaiian to unusual toppings like the Chicken Korma, Popcorn and Chicken Masala. And if you don’t fancy pizza, you can try anything from southern fried chicken to burgers.

Soprano’s Pizza, 85 Boggart Hill Drive, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS14 1LE.

Man v Roast

Man v Roast

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Man v Roast is unlike any other takeaway in Leeds. It’s a carvery that delivers – it’s no wonder Leeds has gone mad for it. They source all their meats from Sykes House Farm, so whether you want turkey, beef, gammon, pork, sausage and lamb, it’s always local. Alongside your meat, you’ll get roasties, veggies, a Yorkshire pudding and loads of gravy. If that sounds like too much, go for a carvery meat sandwich instead.

Man v Roast, 144 Cardigan Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 1LL.

Mill Hill Kebabs

Doner kebab

Mill Hill Kebabs is as fuss free as it gets. It’s a straight-forward kebab shop, with a traditional menu. You can choose from doner, chicken, seekh and lamb shish – they’ll stuff it in a pitta or pile it on chips before sprinkling it with salad and smothering it in sauce. But if that isn’t your bag, you can also tuck into a menu of burgers, pizza and chicken.

Mill Hill Kebabs, 4 Mill Hill, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5DQ.

HFC Chicken

Chicken burger

If you’ve experienced the wonders of HFC Chicken, you’ll already know it’s one of the best takeaways in Leeds. It’s a staple of Hyde Park and Harehills thanks to their tasty and incredibly good value fried chicken. The buckets are great and they’ve perfected their own take on peri peri chicken, but the Supreme Burger is our go-to – it comes with regular or spicy chicken, topped with hash browns and cheese.

HFC Chicken, 125 Brudenell Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 1JD & 130 Roundhay Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS8 5NA.

Thai Sabai

Thai Sabai

Thai Sabai is a Headingley favourite that specialises in quality South East Asian cuisine. You can get popular classics like Chicken Pad Kee Mow and Beef Panang Curry, but they also have a wide and varied meat-free menu which includes Tofu Thai Red Curry, Sum Tam Thai Salad and Mixed Veg Pad Thai. Got a sweet tooth? Don’t forget about dessert – the Caramelised Banana is a treat.

Thai Sabai, 2 The Parade, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 3HP.


G-Wu Restaurant

G-Wu is a popular Moortown restaurant that doubles as a takeaway. Expect Chinese food with flair – they have special dishes you don’t normally see at your local takeaway alongside a host of classics. We’re talking Braised Lobster, Duck Lettuce Wraps and Prawn Meat Stuffing. Veggie? They have an extensive meat-free menu too, from Beancurd Curry to Vegetarian Vermicelli.

G-Wu, 300 Harrogate Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS17 6LY.



Zeppelin is an Armley favourite that does your usual kebabs, burgers and pizzas, but here they’re made with fresh, local produce – in fact, they actually go out to local farms to personally source their ingredients. The kebabs come in traditional lavash bread, and you can try classic eastern European delicacies like dumplings and cheburek.

Zeppelin, 96 Town Street, Armley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12 3HN.

Bangkok Express

Thai prawn dish

Bangkok Express is one of the best takeaways in Leeds and it’ll give you a real taste of Thailand. Start with Thai Honey Spare Ribs or Coconut Prawns before you get onto the mains. You can choose from a host of classics, like Pad Thai and Chicken in Tamarind Sauce, alongside a selection of special dishes that will whet your appetite, like Weeping Tiger and Panang Spare Ribs.

Bangkok Express, 12 Hyde Park Corner, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 1AF.

Corner Cafe

Curry Leeds

Since it opened in 1976, Corner Cafe has used traditional recipes passed down through three generations of Karim Ghauri’s family to create wonderful Indian food. Made using fresh ingredients and a tiny amount of ghee, this is a must-try, from the Okra and Potato Shimla to the Chicken Dall Haleem. Their homemade kulfi is a winner for dessert too.

Corner Cafe, 104 Burley Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS3 1JP.

Canton Flavour

Chinese restuarants in Leeds

If you like Chinese food, Canton Flavour is one of the best takeaways in Leeds. They don’t deliver, you have to collect, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort. Their menu is organised by whether it’s spicy, mild or fruity, so you can find something to suit your palate. Will you go for the fiery Mustard Cabbage Stir Fry, the classic Egg Foo Yung or the Crunchy Punchy Rump Beef? If they don’t take your fancy, they also do a selection of Thai favourites.

Canton Flavour, 53 Street Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS8 1AP.

Ecco Pizzeria

Ecco Pizzeria

Ecco is an independent pizzeria in Headingley and it’s magnificent. They cook their pizzas in a proper wood-fired oven using a traditional technique. Expect organic, seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms and artisan producers. They have all the classics, but Ecco’s signature concoctions steal the show – try the Bombay, a traditional pizza base topped with tandoori chicken breast, roasted peppers, red onion, coriander and fresh chillies.

Ecco Pizzeria, 93 Otley Road, Leeds, Headingley, West Yorkshire, LS6 3PS.

Silver Vase

Chinese restuarants in Leeds

Silver Vase is the stand out Chinese takeaway in Chapel Allerton. They don’t reinvent the rulebook, it’s just classic dishes done well. Start with Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings, Prawn Toast or Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup, before you choose from a heaving menu of mains. Think Beef in Black Bean Sauce or Char Siu Kung Po. They’re generous portions, so get ready to save some for tomorrow.

Silver Vase, 2 Stainbeck Lane, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 3QY.

Pizza Bello


Pizza Bello is famous for its secret recipe hand-made dough, which they’ve perfected over the past 25 years. They cook it in a traditional stone oven and the result is delicious. Take your pick from 29 different pizzas – you can get everything from the fiery Al Diavolo, a mix of red onion, olives, anchovies, green peppers and chilli, to the meaty Saparito, which is piled high with ham, salami, garlic sausage and pepperoni.

Pizza Bello, 3 Middleton Road, Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27 8AQ.

The Fisherman’s Wife

Fisherman's Wife

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The Fisherman’s Wife is one of the best chippies in Leeds. This Kirkgate Market staple has been dishing up battered haddock and proper chip shop chips for over 50 years. There’s a reason why the queue goes out of the door every lunchtime – it’s top quality. Crispy batter hides beautifully flaky fish, and it goes perfectly with a heap of chunky chips, topped with mushy peas and gravy.

The Fisherman’s Wife, 12-14 George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7HY. The shop will be closing in Spring 2019 to move inside Kirkgate Market later in the year.

Grove Cafe

The Grove Cafe

Grove Cafe is a cornerstone of Hyde Park. You can get meaty burgers, kebabs and curries, just like most takeaways, but it’s their meat-free menu that’s made them one of the best in Leeds. The Soya Delight pizza comes topped with roasted tofu, mushrooms, peppers and vegan cheese, or you can go for one of their curries like the Daal Tarka, a mix of lentils, onions, garlic and ginger.

Grove Cafe, 133 -135 Cardigan Road, Hyde Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 1LJ.

Absurd Bird

Absurd Bird

Southern fried chicken that you can eat on-the-go? Forget KFC, head to Absurd Bird. They’re famed for their wings, and they double cook them to give them a unique crunch. But that’s not all they do. Look out for heaving Bird Burgers or mix it up with one of their chicken-waffle combinations, like the Chilli Choc Wafflewich, which comes drizzled with their signature chocolate and chilli sauce.

Absurd Bird, Trinity Kitchen, Trinity Leeds, 27 Albion Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5ER.



Credit: Katie Nicole

Caravanserai is a Moroccan Bazaar-style cafe that takes its inspiration from classic North African and Middle Eastern cuisine. The cornerstone of their menu is the Chicken Shawarma sandwich, which comes packed full of salad, pickles and garlic sauce. Their Ottoman barbecue is also worth trying – you can get freshly sizzled lamb chops, chicken wings or zagaleel (baby chicken), served with Moroccan couscous or Turkish bulgur wheat.

Caravanserai, 1 Crown Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7DA.


Deeva, Leeds

Deeva has earned rave reviews for its modern Indian cuisine. They do all the classics you know and love, from the robust spiciness of Karahi to the oniony Dopiaza, but it’s the specials that really have to be tried. Go for the Afghani Chicken, a whole chicken breast cooked with black peppercorns, yoghurt, green chilli and a dash of cream. Or if you like spicy dishes, why not try the King Prawn Pepper Masala, which comes laced with their special chilli sauce?

Deeva Restaurant, 58 Town Street, Farsley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS28 5LD.

Anand Sweets

Traditional Indian sweets

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Anand Sweets is one of the best takeaways in Leeds. This family-run cafe deals mainly in traditional Indian desserts delivered to your door, from the Mango Shrikland to the Mint Chocolate Barfi. But did you know they do curries too? They cook up a range of classics like Saag Paneer, Malai Kofta and Aloo Gobi. Pair yours with a homemade lassi to round your meal off.

Anand Sweets, 109 Harehills Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS8 5HS.

My House Diner


Head to My House Diner if you like your takeaway to be belly bursting. The American-inspired takeaway is famed for its burgers – you can try The Elvis Presley, which comes piled high with smoked cheese, bacon and Tennessee BBQ sauce. Or just work your way through a heaving menu of chicken, calzones, wings and kebabs, washed down with one of their indulgent milkshakes.

My House Diner, 54 Belle Isle Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1PQ.

The Mad Greek

The Mad Greek, Chapel Allerton

Credit: Corvin Pamp

The Mad Greek is a no-nonsense eatery with a lively atmosphere that dishes up scrumptious, traditional Greek grub. You can tuck into juicy Chicken Souvlaki Skewers or try the flavourful Keftedes Meatballs cooked in a tomato and feta sauce. But their speciality though is their gyro, which comes stuffed with your choice of chicken, pork or feta & tomato.

The Mad Greek, 14 Stainbeck Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 3QY.


Kurdish, Persian, Middle Eastern Food

You don’t just get a standard post-pub kebab at Gzing. It’s one of the best takeaways in Leeds because of its authentic Kurdish and Middle Eastern cuisine which you can get for an affordable price as mains start from just £4. Order a bowl of their classic hummus with traditional flatbread to start, before you follow it up with dishes like Qozy Lamb, braised lamb on the bone served with veggie casserole and a naan.

Gzing, 2 Lincoln Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 7NP.


Rockford Fish & Chips

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Rockford’s is a chippy with more than 50 years experience and they’re also one of the only fish and chip shops in Leeds that delivers to your door. Haddock is the catch of the day here, alongside wholetail scampi, scallops and homemade fishcakes. Don’t fancy fish? You can pair pies, burgers and sausages with your chips.

Rockford’s, 859 York Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS14 6AX.

Zen Rendezvous

Thai food

Zen Rendezvous has been one of the best Chinese takeaways in Leeds for over two decades – it was even championed by Gordon Ramsey on The F Word. The Guiseley staple makes restaurant quality food to eat at home. They’ve got an extensive menu full of tantalising dishes – think Roast Duck in Orange Sauce, Calamari in Black Bean Sauce and Sizzling Bean Curd with Chinese Mushrooms.

Zen Rendezvous, 10-12 The Green, Guiseley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS20 9BT.

Harpo’s Pizza

Pizzas cooking in an oven

Harpo’s are famed for their 11-inch, stone-baked pizzas. You can get a host of classics, from Margherita to the Four Seasons, alongside unusual creations like the Calzone Kiev. Their signature pizza, however, is The Belly Buster. It sounds ominous, but it’s delicious, piled high with mozzarella, tomato, mushrooms, salami, ham, pepperoni, jalapeños, sun-dried tomatoes, cracked chilli pepper and onions.

Harpo’s Pizza, 147 Street Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS8 1AA.

Bad Boy Burgers


Bad Boy has made a name for itself in recent years thanks to its juicy burgers and they come piled high with all kinds of toppings. For example, the Triple Bad Boy is a beef burger stacked with bacon, pulled pork, Monterey Jack, gherkins, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and Bad Boy’s signature sauce. You don’t have to get a burger, though. They also do wings, ribs and hot dogs, alongside oodles of naughty dessert like the Nutella-filled muffin.

Bad Boy Burgers, 54 Cross Green Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 0DQ and 16a Steinbeck Avenue, Meanwood, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2PA.

I Am Döner

I Am Doner Seitan

I Am Döner has revolutionised the humble kebab. Owner Paul Baron has swapped Michelin-starred kitchens for an award-winning Headingley takeaway that takes the national favourite to new levels. You can choose from six freshly skewered doner kebabs – the traditional doner, roast lamb steak, roast chicken, grilled halloumi, falafel or seitan. Then throw on your favourite salad, cheese and sauces, and pair it with their loaded street cart fries.

I Am Döner, 23 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 3AA.

My Thai

My Thai is one of the most popular eateries in Leeds, a city centre restaurant where you can pick up a quick, but flavourful dinner on your way home. Their menu is full of inexpensive but authentic dishes inspired by the streets of Bangkok. Think classics like Pad Thai and Thai Red Curry, alongside dishes you might not have tried before, like Yum Woon Sen, their chicken and prawn glass noodle salad.

My Thai, 43 Wade Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 8NJ; 26 York Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2EY.

La Besi

Pasta at La Besi, Leeds

La Besi is the definition of cheap and cheerful Italian cuisine, a takeaway restaurant where the price truly defies the taste. It’s like getting home-cooked Italian food delivered to your door – pizza and pasta is what they do best, whether you’re ramming your fork into a cannelloni or grabbing a slice of the Al Capone, topped with ham, salami and pepperoni. Fancy something bigger? They have a slew of second piatti too, including Pollo Picante, Beef Stroganoff and Salmon al Griglia.

La Besi, 211 Clarendon Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9DT.