Where to Find the Best Vegan Restaurants & Food in Leeds

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Feast like plant-based royalty.

Patty Smiths vegan burger

Finding the vegan option is easy at these Leeds restaurants…

Gone are the days of making do with sides, now you’re spoilt for choice. From vegan junk food joints loading up meat-free burgers with vegan cheese and onion rings to high-end restaurants making magic with your favourite vegetables, vegan food is having something of a moment in Leeds. So let us help you with your analysis paralysis by rounding up the best vegan eats the city has to offer.

Doner Summer

Doner Summer

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Doner Summer’s vegan junk food is pretty legendary. They’ve developed their own vegan mock chicken and doner meat, and they’re both really good. Paired with flavours that range from garlic and chilli to five spice and Korean BBQ, all piled on chips or bread, it’s sensational. Not sure what to pick? Go for the Bad Girl Kebab and you’ll get a garlic & coriander flatbread loaded with chick’n and doner meat, topped with salad, pickles and hot garlic and chilli sauce, then smothered in their signature pink aioli. If you’re feeling extra ravenous, get their incredible garlic parm’zan fries as well.

Doner Summer, 10-12 Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6DN. 



Scoffs is a plant-based cafe in Horsforth, serving all your favourite dishes. They’re passionate about making vegan food accessible, so you can grab traditional cafe fare for very reasonable prices. Try a bowl of porridge or a plant bacon sarnie and you’ll get change from a fiver. For lunch, they’ll make you up a BLT sandwich or smokey plant ham and cheese toasted panini from scratch, or you can tuck into something cold from the grab-and-go section. Want a nutrition overload? Order a buddha bowl, packed with the good stuff. They even have a gluten-free menu and a kids menu, making Scoffs a great choice for just about everybody.

Scoffs, 86 New Road Side, Horsforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS18 4LZ.



From the brilliant combination of Indian street food and craft beer to the cool decor and the relaxed vibe, it’s easy to see why Bundobust is a local favourite. They serve up specifically Gujarati-style street food, but it’s all vegan and vegetarian. You can tuck into delights such as the bhel puri, with samosa pastry and puffed rice, sweetcorn, onion and peas with tomato and tamarind, topped with a generous helping of pomegranate seeds. If it’s appetisers you crave, try the Bhaji Butty. A vegan brioche bun stuffed to bursting with a bhaji patty, salad and chutneys, it’s the perfect fusion of cuisines.

Bundobust, 6 Mill Hill, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5DQ.

Oranaise Cafe

Oranaise Cafe Tagine

Oranaise Cafe brings North African cuisine to Leeds, and with it, an extensive vegan menu. They’ve veganised a whole bunch of authentic Moroccan and Algerian dishes using tofu, quinoa and vegan cheese, as well as introducing mock meats to the mix. You can dine on huge portions of tasty tagines, amazing mezze platters and tempting kebabs. A range of burgers and pizzas are on offer too, including the spicy Oranaise vegan pizza with marinated meat-free chicken, fajita sauce, roasted veg and gooey vegan cheese. It’s worth visiting again and again to try out the whole menu.

Oranaise Cafe, 1 The Crescent, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 2NW.

Friends of Food

Friends of Food

If you’re looking for a carni-converter, this is the place to go. Friends of Food serves up a selection of the most incredible plant-based burgers. Think juicy beef-style patties, layered with gouda cheez, maple facon and homemade whisky BBQ sauce, or double-stacked onion bhajis with mango chutney, coconut raita, salad and fresh mint. The sides are not to be sniffed at either – the breaded cauli bites are guaranteed to live in your head rent free for at least a week. They also do a banging Mac n Cheez pot, a gooey combination of pasta, cheez, facon and crispy onions – get in ma belly!

Friends of Food, 12 Hyde Park Road, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 1AF.


Chinese food - Noodles

Wawin is the Chinese takeaway to end all vegan Chinese takeaways. Even carnivores will be into it. With an endless menu, you can hit the spot with all your favourite Chinese dishes. Start with wontons or spring rolls, or a delicious vegan chicken and sweetcorn soup. Then pile your plate high with tofu-fried rice, udon noodles and your choice of mock meat and sauce. It could be vegan chicken and Kung Po or vegan lamb and satay, the choice is yours! They even do a vegan version of tiger prawns. You may not be able to eat in, but it’s perfect for a night in front of the telly.

Wawin Chinese, 203-205 Woodhouse Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 2NY.

Eat Your Greens

Eat Your Greens Squash Smash

Eat Your Greens is an organic grocery store, bar and restaurant, all designed around a love of plants. They have an omni menu, but it’s all farm to fork, locally grown and freshly made. Head there for Saturday brunch and tuck into vegan French toast, made with sourdough, delicately poached pear, caramel sauce and vegan cream, or choose the chilli tofu beans on toast for a hearty start to the day. If it’s dinner you’re after, you can tuck into small plates like crispy veg tempura, caramelised confit carrots & cabbage and delicious tofu nuggets with peanut sauce. What’s not to love?

Eat Your Greens, 42 New York Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7DY.

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is just that, a spot of authentic Japanese goodness right in the heart of Leeds. They have traditional horigotatsu seating (that’s low level, recessed seating) with dim lighting, an indoor koi pond full of happy fish, and of course, a veggie and vegan menu worth poring over. You can choose from delicious ramen, stir-fried noodles or a selection of sushi, but it’s the bento boxes that are definitely a must-try. Sesame rice, tempura veg, salad and your choice of vegan duck and tangy mango, sweet teriyaki chicken or fried tofu steak. Thirsty? Grab a lychee martini from the bar.

Little Tokyo, 24 Central Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6DE.



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Ey up! Wapentake is a pub full of Yorkshire pride. The menu is omni, but they’re well known locally for their excellent vegan options. It’s a great place for breakfast and brunch, whether you’re in the mood for a massive fry up (i.e. the Viking Breakfast), a vegan sausage sarnie or just some toast and jam. On Sundays, the roasts are legendary. Not only are plates piled with two styles of potato, veggies and a vegan roast, but they even do vegan Yorkshire puddings. Everything on the menu is as locally sourced as possible, and the bar is stocked with Yorkshire beer, cider and spirits.

Wapentake, 92 Kirkgate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7DJ.

Doboy Donuts

Doboy Donuts

Sweet tooth aching for more sugar? Doboy Donuts serve freshly made, deep-filled, hand-crafted donuts. Their bakers are forever coming up with new and exciting donut flavours, so you could be tucking into a different flavour every week! They pride themselves on being vegan friendly, so they always have delicious vegan options. Think classic Biscoff donuts filled with Speculoos cream and topped with vanilla fudge and Biscoff crumb, ring donuts loaded with sprinkles, and sliced donuts stuffed with raspberry and white chocolate cream, drizzled with raspberry sauce. Even Homer would happy in this donuty heaven.

Doboy Donuts, Cardigan Mills, Lennox Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2BL.

Grove Cafe

The Grove Cafe

Grove Cafe is a local legend in the Leeds vegan community for their array of fantastic vegan pizzas. You can also get burgers and curries from them, but it’s the pizzas that are the real standouts. There are 15 to choose from and they’re all loaded up with stretchy vegan cheese, faux meats and veggies. From a classic margherita and cheesy garlic bread to a Vegan Feast with meat-free chicken, garlic sausage and pepperoni, you won’t have had this much choice since before you went vegan! They even have plant-based milkshakes to give you the full diner experience.

Grove Cafe, 133-135 Cardigan Road, Hyde Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 1JL.

Hyde Park Book Club

Hyde Park Book Club Hot Dog

Credit: Daisy Petley

Set in what used to be a petrol station, Hyde Park Book Club is a casual eatery-cum-bar serving up a menu of veggie and vegan delights. Think grilled sandwiches, salads and a sumptuous array of small plates. Why not try the Roast Broccoli Reuben sarnie? It’s layered with chilli and lemon roasted broccoli, sauerkraut and melted smoky cheese on sourdough bread from Leeds Bread Co-op. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is getting all the layers in your mouth in one go. For afters? They offer locally sourced daily bakes, all beautifully displayed in the window for you to drool over.

Hyde Park Book Club, 27-29 Headingley Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 1BL.

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse

Credit: Charlotte Parsons

A light and airy cafe in Horsforth, The Greenhouse is the place to go for vegan tea and cake. While they sell healthy savoury options like buddha bowls filled with kale, roasted veg, humous and grains (decorated beautifully with flowers), it’s the cake that really draws you in. These indulgent treats sit behind a glass counter and call to you from across the room (eat me, eat me, eat me). Think velvety chocolate orange cheesecake, fudgy brownies, or a light, jammy Victoria sponge. The Greenhouse make their cakes and pies daily, and you can add yummy vegan custard or ice cream.

The Greenhouse, 119 Town Street, Horsforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS18 5BL.


Fint Vegan Crumpet Benadict

Scandi-inspired Fint offers a refined, healthy and quirky take on your usual cafe fare. They might have an omni menu, but their vegan dishes are top notch. Vegetables are the real heroes here, with some unusual ones that you might not have heard of before. For starters there’s a cauliflower and chestnut soup with truffled croutons and sourdough then you can snaffle a Portobello mushroom Kyiv with salad and fig dressing for the vegan main. Dessert sees an apple crumble topped with tahini granola and served with blackberry and liquorice sorbet. It’s a delight for the senses and vegan feed you won’t soon forget!

FINT (previously Fettle), 73 Great George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 3BR.

Manjit’s Kitchen

Thali at Manjit's Kitchen

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Manjit’s Kitchen is a much-loved Leeds eatery. From their street food stall on Kirkgate Market to their restaurant in Kirkstall, their Punjabi classics never fail to leave tastebuds tingling and bellies satisfied. It’s all vegetarian, with a hearty selection of vegan curries and sides too. Choose lentils, slowly simmered and spiced with lashings of ginger, garlic and tomato, or try a warming chickpea and potato curry for a delightful hit of carbs. Pair with all your favourite sides, like crispy onion bhajis, dippable roti and even yummy salt and pepper chickpea fries, to create an epic Indian feast.

Manjit’s Kitchen, 333 Kirkstall Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2HD and Leeds Kirkgate Market, 34 George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7HY.

Ecco Pizzeria

Ecco Pizzeria

Ecco Pizzeria is a Headingley-based restaurant that creates authentic Neapolitan style pizza (the one with a raised crust and soft centre). Using traditional wood-fired cooking techniques, they make pizzas worth writing home about. Happily, they can be made vegan too. Pick any pizza on the menu and swap out the cheese for a vegan alternative (it’s a little extra, but trust us, it’s worth it). Will you go for a classic fungi with roasted mushrooms, vegan cheese and fresh basil? Or a cheese-less Lombardini, packed with sautéed leeks, green beans and roasted artichoke hearts? The choice is yours!

Ecco Pizzeria, 93 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 3PS.

Gron Kafe

Grön Kafe

Gron Kafe is all about starting the day in a healthy way, and their plant-based breakfasts are utterly delightful. They focus on high-quality ingredients and interesting, decidedly different recipes. It certainly shows. Whether you fancy a bowl of wholesome porridge, a stack of pancakes topped with your favourite fruit or avocado on toast with a side of salsa, you’re guaranteed to clear your plate. Why not try the hash? Diced sweet potato sauteed in cumin, served with halloumi, zingy celeriac remoulade and watercress, drizzled with chive oil for a hearty and filling breakfast.

Gron Kafe, 454 Roundhay Road, Roundhay, Oakwood, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS8 2HU.


Humpit Salad Bowl

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Humpit is a hangout for hummus lovers, there’s no doubt about it. If you can’t get enough of the stuff, Humpit’s menu will please you no end. You can expect giant pittas stuffed with falafel, greens, crunchy pickles and a heavy-handed helping of hummus. They’ve also got bountiful bowls of the chickpea champion topped with roasted cauliflower or aubergine and drizzled with tahini. And if that’s not enough for you, get a side of Lebanese fries or double down with a chickpea snackpot to get you through your afternoon munchies, and wash it all down with a zingy homemade lemonade. It’s healthy, it’s fresh and it’s fast.

Humpit, Leeds University Union, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9JZ and The Springs, Thorpe Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS15 8GH.

Chef Jono at V&V

Vice & Virtue, vegan tasting menu

Vegan fine dining is hard to come by, but Chef Jono at V&V has it nailed. Using seasonal produce, Jono creates elevated, inventive dishes that delight the senses. With ten courses to enjoy, you can expect plants to take centre stage. Think delicious French onion risotto, exquisite roast courgette with lychee, peanut and coriander and sensational chocolate paired with strawberry and yuzu. Expect the unexpected and you won’t be far off. You can even get wine pairings for each course, making Chef Jono at V&V one of the best places to go for date night.

Chef Jono at V&V, 68 New Briggate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6NU.


Issho, vegan afternoon tea

Credit: Jack Kirwin

Issho has a very yummy selection of vegan Japanese goodies on their menu. You can sit in the rooftop restaurant and scoff steamed edamame, pumpkin gyoza or grilled sweet potatoes with smoked lime butter all day long. However, if you’re really looking for a good time (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), book in for their Japanese-inspired afternoon tea. Munch away on three tiers of veggie sushi, savouries and delectable sweets, as well as sipping traditional sushi drinking tea (that’s green tea to complement the sushi) or indulging in free-flowing prosecco. Certainly not your average vegan feed.

Issho, Victoria Gate, 3rd Floor Rooftop, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7AU.


Sriracha Cauliflower Burger at Cantina

The Old Red Bus Station’s Cantina is the oldest 100% vegan eatery in Leeds and it’s still going strong today, in fact, it serves up some of the best plant-based grub in the city. The menu changes regularly, but it always guarantees a good time. You can feast on classics like cheeseburgers, loaded fries and mac & cheese. Whether you fancy seitan, deep fried or smashed, or a cauliflower steak, there’s plenty of veganified bun and patty options here. For dessert, live out your childhood dreams with deep fried Oreos or banana, covered with chocolate or strawberry sauce.

Cantina, The Old Red Bus Station, 102 Vicar Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7NL.



Wolfox partnered with Reuben Waller (a classically trained, Michelin-starred chef passionate about plant-based food) to create their vegan brunch dishes. And you can tell! From more unusual fare like overnight oats to a scrumptious smoothie bowl packed with super foods, there’s lots to try. For something to get the tastebuds tingling, go for their pan con tomate. It starts with sourdough, fresh from the oven. Crushed peas and mint are layered on top, then the crescendo comes with fresh tomato salsa for a kick and toasted hemp seeds to add crunch. Why not give it a go?

Wolfox Coffee Roasters, 68 Wellington Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2EE.

Fat Annie’s

Fat Annie's

Got a hankering for hot dogs? Are burgers calling your name? Well, the golden arches can move over as Fat Annie’s stakes a claim to some of the best vegan burgers and hot dogs in town. With an entirely plant-based menu inspired by trips to New York, you can expect juicy patties, loaded dogs, great sides and even vegan milkshakes made in front of your eyes. Hungry? Go for the Supreme, a double patty burger with cheese and Fat Annie’s delicious secret sauce. Ravenous? Pair a burger with chilli cheese, chicken-style nuggets or buttered greens for a truly gut-busting (and 100% vegan) meal.

Fat Annie’s, Street Food Kitchen, Leeds Kirkgate Market, 34 George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7HY.

Little Bao Boy

Little Bao Boy

Little Bao Boy serves up uncomplicated but brilliant plant-based bao buns at North Brewing Co’s venues in the city centre and Meanwood. There are more vegan options on the menu than there are non-vegan ones, so you’re spoilt for choice! You might struggle to choose between crispy tofu, salt and pepper aubergine, gochujang cauli or oyster mushroom. But at £9 for two, why not get all four? You won’t regret it (although you may need someone to roll you home). If you want more than just bao, try the moreish miso noodle soup or the loaded fries. Wash it all down with a craft beer from the bar.

Little Bao Boy, North Brewing Co. Tap Room, 3 Sovereign Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4BA & Springwell, Buslingthorpe Lane, Meanwood, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2DF.

Patty’s Burgers

patty smiths vegan fries

Credit: Kluens Media

A resident at Belgrave Music Hall for years, Patty’s is known for its excellent vegan burgers. You won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything with these bad boys. The Vegan Dirty Burger will really send you weak at the knees. It’s a delicious and nutritious vegan patty loaded up with all sorts of goodies. Hash browns, cheese, American mustard, chipotle mayo, dill pickles… the list goes on! The Kernel Burger is there for the vegetable lovers with layers of flavoursome sweetcorn and courgette burger, garlic mayo, red onion, Sriracha, mint and coriander.

Patty Smith’s, Belgrave Music Hall, 1-1a Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 8JP.

Jinos Thai Cafe

Spring Rolls

Jino’s Thai Cafe may just make you feel like you’ve been transported to Thailand. The authenticity of the recipes, the freshness of the ingredients and the decor is all super-relaxed. When it comes to the food, the menu is full of yummy vegan and meat-free versions of almost all of their dishes. Munch on veggie-packed spring rolls or satay-marinated mushrooms grilled on skewers to start, before moving on to a tasty curry. You can slurp on a spicy Thai red curry, nibble on noodles with basil and chillies or feast on fried dumplings. There’s even a set menu full of vegan delights.

Jino’s Thai Cafe, 38 North Lane, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 3HU.